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[Bulgaria] Something unique on the forum!


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Posted 6 days. ago по убыванию | Descending

Хотела найти тему, где бы написать о том, что новенького появилось у нас на форуме. % K3 z4 H9 F7 G9 R.} 0 {$ B I wanted to find a topic where to write about what's new has appeared at the forum. It turned out that such themes we create regularly, with almost clockwork precision.
Столько новшеств на форуме! # N5 n) C9} 'n & Y3 B & j So many innovations on the forum! So many interesting things!
5 [) \ - K # a: T; Вот и теперь: завершен грандиозный труд по созданию энциклопедии о болгарских городах на русском языке. A1 {# z Here and now: completed work on the creation of a grand encyclopedia of Bulgarian cities in Russian.
? 9) P: p * @. " _$ D" [8 h7 P f "_ $ D" [8 h7 P
Go to the site, see the "Bulgaria" and in the bottom of the list (the list of Orange hanging) see the latest "City" button. You push it and get on the map of Bulgaria and Bulgarian long active list of cities with detailed information about the history, population, dostoprimechatelstyah with card $ q!; F3 y "|;? G% M + / l (@" |
5 p2 C N1 b # _
* S9 A + T5 P "l #} e5 ^ 9 M
$ S, K $ z (y7 W2 c5 H9 m7 p (B. U
, L. m '| 7 c2 y- @
/ O! X; U & x% A3 k- E # s "G: M
. G9 Q! u! Ну, я думаю, что Павел Шумилов, как автор и творец, как завершитель проекта "Города" напишет подробнее о тмо, как пользоваться этой новой возможностью форума. $ D' e* H" l" I; z( h7 H v% b (m (@ w Well, I think that Paul Shumilov as author and creator, as the trailer of the project "Cities" will write more about the STO, how to use this new opportunity online. $ D 'e * H " l" I ; z (h7 H

А мы от всей души благодарим вас! . 6 {- N: f a (B : m K ([ And we sincerely thank you!
$ L + E9 c, X z , T)}. I1 R 'H


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Actuality: 4
Class! Yesterday read the news in facebook !!! Posted 5 days. ago

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Posted 6 days. ago
Oh, that is the way the news! That is the way great! Thank you very much, Paul, for the creation, Bairme- for the information! By the way, Bairma enough to wander in Russia, it's time to go home! You are waiting at home in Bulgaria!
+ A6 F% u 'H; K # c6 X / J # H


With would gladly! But wait, waiting, waiting ... My husband has become nervous. Posted 6 days. ago
As I understand it, Sasha, Bairma! Even I have become nervous ... we are tired of waiting for you! Posted 6 days. ago
I waited for 45 days. Then he wrote to Sofia. Just lost documents. After the letters were found in two days)) Published 6 days. ago
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Posted 6 days. ago
Yes ..)) finished the translation into Russian of all the cities in Bulgaria. Transfer 3, I and another 4 people Assistant!
& L9 Z3 [6 x & F) D
По каждому городу собрана информация: карта города, виртуальная прогулка, фотографии города, достопримечательности, история, экономика и общая информация о городе. ! ?) J1 p "N9 H" | 1 a1 ^ - For each city gathered information: city map, virtual tour, city photos, attractions, history, economics and general information about the city.! * 6 G * v: m5 \ / Q (l 'A4 g7 { 8 E & e

Все переведенные города добавили на карту Болгарии. С помощью этой карты можно посмотреть какие вокруг вас есть городки, почитать о них информацию, узнать о достопримечательностях и съездить туда 8 3 {C "G # d & J # H All translations city added on the map of Bulgaria. With this card you can see what you have around the towns, read the information about them, learn about the sights and go there I think it's pretty useful amount of information & V- {.; G2 @ # i ^ / @ / D9 R 'w
, H: Z) J p + l2 l
It is interesting that in Russian translated previously no information about all Bulgarian cities, limited to the most popular and largest. And also a lot of interesting things have in small towns! 2 ^ 1 r / n + n% h. T1 {& J

Надеюсь, эта информация будет полезной! Она, что называется, на года... E2 g8 w4 @; F4 S. ` ! 9 k7 C4 h9 _1 u: h ( e4 B t * s I hope this information is helpful It is what is called, in the year ... E2 g8 w4 @; F4 S. `!
* | * N $ O $ a9 C0 k
Who has not seen the link:


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Paul! I can see the case for centuries Radishcheva not lost. Thank you, and helpers! Posted 5 days. ago
The idea: Unique 5: 5 Urgency: 5
How great, now I will sit more on the forum, so much interesting information on one site, no need to look. You present workers - Paul and the team, low Posted 5 days. ago
Thank you separate from and my husband, a frequent guest of the forum! And you, and helpers! Posted 4 days. ago

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