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[Germany] Questions of citizenship in Germany. Advises the Russian-speaking lawyer.

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Posted 02/03/2016 21:01:15 по убыванию | Descending
flag-germany-1060305_960_720[1].jpg Advises lawyer Alexander Zavatsky

In today's article I would like to pay attention to issues of citizenship, which is quite often asked by fellow countrymen. With the acquisition of German citizenship by later settlers and their relatives still relatively clear. According to paragraph 7 of the Law on Citizenship (Staatsangehörigkeitsgesetz) Late migrant and his family, who have been made in its decision on admission is obtained German citizenship with the issuance of the certificate of the late migrants. In short, all those who have been assigned to paragraphs 4 and 7 of the Law on expellees become German citizens. In this recent immigrants and their families do not have to give up their previous nationality. Date of issue of migrant identity (called Vertriebenenausweis) is the date of acquisition of German nationality. The significant role played by this fact, as a rule, for immigrants who came to Germany from the Russian Federation. The Russian Federation does not prohibit its citizens have the citizenship of other countries. That is, recent migrants from the Russian Federation and their families are in fact dual citizenship. The document certifying the citizenship of the Russian Federation abroad, is a Russian passport.

We can only stand on the consular account and enjoy the benefits of dual citizenship. For example, to visit their relatives in Russia does not care about the visa. However, it must be remembered that a Russian citizen, despite the existence of another, in this case German, citizenship, is considered by the competent authorities of the Russian Federation only as a citizen of Russia and its consequences. For example, as a citizen of the Russian Federation, he is obliged to enter Russia and leave Russia only with Russian passports. Sharpen the reader's attention on the fact that the above applies to those immigrants who have already had at the time of issuance immigrant Russian citizenship. If this was not the case and some of the readers ponder the seductive possibility of acquiring Russian citizenship, they must be extremely cautious in their actions. Admission to the citizenship of another state on the application leads to the loss of German if it previously did not have the consent of the competent authorities of Germany (Beibehaltungsbescheinigung).

In theory, come to this should not, as a condition for admission to citizenship of the Russian Federation is the appeal to the authority of a foreign country with a disclaimer from the available other citizenship, that is, the rejection of the existing German citizenship. This fact will cause somehow think about the consequences, but still be careful. Otherwise, the situation looks with late migrants from Kazakhstan. From 04.10.2004 years in force later pereselntsy and their families lose their Kazakh citizenship to obtain a German citizenship. Loss of Kazakhstan citizenship does not require any other acts, and comes automatically with reception of citizenship of another state. Also lose the citizenship of Kazakhstan citizens who are more than three years abroad and do not stand up without good reason on account of the visa.

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