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[Tourism] 16 facts about France

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по убыванию Published 3.2.2016 22:04:23 | descending
1. In France, there is the highest number of castles in the world - only 4 969. Nearly five thousand!

2. The French pride themselves on the fact that they invented the guillotine. Undo it had to be because of the curse of globalization and the European Union to the contrary recently - the last death penalty in using the guillotine was in 1981, just 35 years ago. Each year marked a special day for her grief.

3. In France, the first tights were invented !!!

4. That the French had stopped ... the draft European Constitution. More precisely - French farmers, who do not understand, why they should merge into one barrel of unique wines (about a thousand species), making cheese (460 varieties, not counting their variations) for any there standards, and why it is the cider should be considered alcoholic beverage when only brew not only on bread and on apples. And in general - without cider calvados - money down the drain!

5. In France, are the most visited attractions in the world: the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris and the monastery of Mont Saint-Michel.

6. In France, grows several kinds of non-combustible fire in the trees. That they have chosen for the amazing eye wooden fireplaces (one of these fireplaces can be found in the castle of Amboise). The most famous unlit trees - juniper and cedar. Accordingly, pine nuts - in fact a panacea for all ills. Unlike the Russian Far East Siberia and even pine nuts, they are not just large, and sometimes unusual giant. And very cheap. That is expensive, of course, but much cheaper in Siberia Siberia itself. In the marketplace, you can find a 200-gram bag of nuts cleaned- for 5 euros.

6. In France, the most expensive mushrooms growing in the world - truffles. There are even truffle auction. It is the only commodity for which there is no official price. Sellers truffles accept only cash! They cost an average of six hundred euros per kilo - and this, together with the land and unpeeled. Season - from November to March.

7. All the "escargot" in France (snails, which are baked in garlic sauce) called Burgundy. This is because they are considered to be the largest and most delicious. In the menu, they will be referred to Burgundy, even if gathered on the square in front of Notre-Dame de Paris.

8. In France, the Russian marriage agencies are experiencing difficulties. The case in the French suitors - it is not enough to have a beautiful doll, who knows how to cook soup (cooking they themselves well know how to love!), It is necessary that the doll was speaking. Yes, the French - talkers.

9. Buckwheat is not France something unusual. Buckwheat field in Brittany are considered native, though there were only about the eighth century. Buckwheat flour for pancakes and Breton biscuits - a common, everyday product. As a cereal porridge on the French do not eat buckwheat. But the longing for buckwheat porridge, you can buy it in stores birdseed, expensive - in the Bio-shops, Greeks, Turks and Arabs. And if you want, that is expensive, expensive, in Russian stores.

10. In France, a huge amount of national cuisines - 22 (according to the number of regions), which depend on what is found where, and where it grows. And the French simply know how to love to cook properly and tasty simple things. Even if you're here every day to eat only one potato, you will still be an exotic food. Because there are so many varieties of potatoes and dishes from them, that they may taste the infinite!

11. In France, wine is only two species, the one that you personally like the fact that you personally do not like it! It is the same with spirits, so to save on this a fad.

12. In France, the terms "dry" and "brut" refers only to champagne. The terms "dry wine" does not exist, because it is all in the definition of a true natural wine. Fortified wines definitely go to class liquors and wines are no longer considered. Wine - it is wine. Red, white, pink.

13. In France, doctors recommend a daily and healthy dose of three glasses of red wine and two glasses for men women. For this car inspectors do not even fined.

14. In France the phone to Alcoholics Anonymous and all such assistance - free: +33 0820 32-68-83. They say an unusual and very beautiful male voice. How to call? Just say: "Alla, bonjour," and then you can just sniff the tube and enjoy.

15. All the French hate McDonalds, but if their child adolescent and youth (under 26 years) has disappeared from sight, or does not ring / not writing sms on where it is the last 20 minutes, you have to look for him there.

16. The words "breakfast", "lunch", "dinner", "food" and all cognate and related within the meaning of sacred to the French. "Compete" just "rugby" can with these words, "bicycle", "football". And if on a full stomach. Absolutely can not call a Frenchman when he eats! Keep this in mind. And it's not a joke. Being late with dinner forgive rather than when stuck in a traffic jam. ... 9672914156 /? fref = nf

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Posted 17/02/2016 15:42:23
France: 50 interesting facts

Welcome to France, the country of romance, aesthetic beauty, art and culture. 50 interesting facts about the beautiful country:
1. France - the largest country in Western Europe, it stretches from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel.
2. France - the third largest country in Europe after Russia and Ukraine.
3. Paris - capital of France - is considered the world capital of fashion.
4. The Statue of Liberty was presented to America by France in honor of Independence October 28, 1886.
5. France - the most famous wine-producing country in the world. Wine began to do here since the time of the invasion of the Romans. By the way, 72% of the French hardly versed in the many wine producers, for only in Bordeaux have more than 9000 varieties. But the most famous in the world of liqueurs is also produced in France, not to mention the Calvados brandy and so forth.
6. It is believed that the April Fool's Day - April 1 - appeared in France.
7. The Eiffel Tower in Paris has received the title of the tallest man-made structure in the world, and it remained in first place for 40 years.
8. France is in second place for the production of electricity using nuclear energy after the United States, while in Europe it is in the first place. The amount of electricity produced in France, higher than in Germany, United Kingdom, Spain combined.
9. France is home to the first mass producer of ballpoint pens in the world.
10. France has the highest wealth tax in Europe.
11. France is the birthplace of Gothic art. It also is home to Baroque architecture. Interesting fact that Gothic art was originally known as the French art.
12. Mount Blanc is the highest point in France. It is also the highest mountain in the Alps, not only, but also in the whole of Western Europe. Mont Blanc is located on the border of France and Italy, and its height is 4810 meters. Annually, there are an enormous number of different climbing competitions. Also here is the famous French Chamonix ski resort. Most experts have repeatedly recognized the best in Europe, Mont Blanc place for mountaineering and skiing.
13. The national flower is the iris of France.
14. French was the official language of England for over 300 years from 1066 until the beginning of the XV century.
15. Gavarnie Falls is the highest in the country. Its height is 422 meters.
16. The Gallic rooster is the national animal of France.
17. One of the most important national holidays in France is the 14th of July. This day is known as Bastille Day. On this date the most important event happened in the history of France: the storming of the Paris prison - the Bastille July 14, 1789. That's when angry peasants attacked the fortress-prison, released prisoners and seized the weapons stored there. This event was the beginning of the French Revolution.
18. France takes the third place in the European Union on the life expectancy of men.
19. Every day in France, published two new cookbooks.
20. In France produce over 400 different varieties of cheese.
21. Contrary to popular belief, the most visited attraction in France - it's no Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, and Disneyland Paris.
22. In France, the dead are allowed to marry, but only with the personal approval of the president.
23. France - the world's largest importer of frogs. But the French do not eat frogs. It is a delicacy for tourists. Meat of frogs - a low-calorie, taste like chicken.
24. Police in Paris go on the rollers.
25. The biggest flood in Paris was in 1910.
26. More than 10% of the French population are immigrants. Most of them - Muslims.
27. The tradition of decorating the Christmas tree for the New Year went from France.
28. In France, the most smelly grow and at the same time the most expensive mushrooms in the world - truffles. There is even a truffle auction. It is the only commodity for which there is no official price. Sellers truffles accept only cash. They cost an average of 600 euros per kilo and this, together with the land and untreated. Season - from November to March.
29. It was in Burgundy for more than two and a half thousand years ago, we began to eat snails.
30. All the French hate McDonald's, but if their child or adolescent adolescence disappeared from view, or does not ring, does not write SMSes that, where it is the last 20 minutes, you have to look for him there.
31. Leonardo da Vinci was invited by King Francis the first for the development of Renaissance art in France. The Louvre posted the largest collection of works by Leonardo da Vinci. Also located in the Louvre known works of Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" and "Mona Lisa."
32. Champs Elysees is the most beautiful street in France.
33. The Millau Viaduct, located in the south of France - the highest road bridge in the world.
34. Eighth Karl had on one of the legs 6 fingers. King is very shy, and this ushered in the fashion shoes with a square nose, hiding the defect feet.
35. The number of kisses, which the Frenchman welcomed each other varies depending on the region. For example, in Corsica people kiss when they met 5 times.
36. France has established the largest number of records in ski sports.
37. France has won the highest number of Nobel Prize for Literature.
38. Napoleon Height was 168 cm.
39 Croissants - is not an invention of the French. In fact, the first time they baked in Austria.
40. The Ministry of Health once tried to raise the milk to the rank of France's national beverage.
41. France is known as the perfume capital of the world.
42. get married in a white dress - a French tradition that went from 1499.
43. In Paris, led a popular transport among the population. For convenience and security in the French capital to build a huge number of special bicycle lanes, and bicycle rental.
44. In Paris you can see the parks bee apiary. And many Parisians after visiting bee hive rates set at the balconies.
45. Three lines on the French coat of arms symbolizing compassion, justice and mercy.
46. ​​Local Saint-Michel in the north-west of France because of the tides in this part of the Atlantic Ocean twice a day is the island and the peninsula twice.
47. Average dove fly the French call a rat.
48. The building of the National Opera of Paris was erected over an underground river, which flows into the artificial lake, located directly under the Opera.
49. The French consume 67 kilograms of bread per year per capita - the highest figure in Europe.
50. In France, in the area of ​​Grasse - perfume capital of the world - a unique rose varieties grown tsentifoliya. Rose, this is famous above all the number of petals. They were her best.
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