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[Health] How useful flax seeds, chia, pumpkin, sunflower, sesame

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по убыванию Published 2.2.2016 18:17:58 | descending
In the subject of weight loss "chia seeds" sounded several times, and I decided to create a theme about them, and not only . In my present diet of flax seeds (every morning, I add a teaspoon of ground seeds in my breakfast), and even sesame and sunflower seeds (in salads or garnishes; sunflower seeds and breakfast is often added).

Avid cooks know that an easy way to make the dish more interesting, give it a light and unusual prihrust notes - is to throw it a handful of sunflower seeds. Doctors insist: so you also bring health benefits! What good flax seeds, chia, pumpkin, sunflower, sesame? And what to cook them?

"The seeds of the plant, as well as nuts, - a source of vegetable protein and fiber, - says Natalya Fadeeva, dietician, endocrinologist, Ph.D. Hospital dietitians family "MEDEP". - As in any "bud", a lot of vitamins and minerals in them. But they are particularly rich in vegetable fats. Therefore, on the one hand, they are good and useful routinely added to food. On the other - c them important not to overdo it. Optimally there thereof in an amount of 1-2 dessert spoons per day. "
Flax seeds

"Note losing weight. One of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids (daily rate covers only 1 teaspoon) to normalize the metabolism of fat in the diet, and that many of us do not have enough, - says Natalya Fadeeva. - Plus flax seeds are rich in fiber, cleaning the intestines and stimulates its work, and in fact constipation - a common problem of those who are on a diet. However, this product will be useful not only for them. Flax seeds are especially good for women during menopause, because they contain plant hormones that are similar in its effect to women. They improve hormonal balance, the quality of skin and hair. " The taste of these seeds is specific, not everyone likes. Try a little bit to add them to cereals and salads.
chia seeds

Trendy today, the product of grain Spanish saffron - a plant that grows in South America. As with flax seeds to contain a lot of protein and omega-acid. "But their main advantage - it is fiber, - says Natalya Fadeeva. - Grains Spanish sage have the ability to absorb a lot of moisture. In the stomach, they create a significant amount and, therefore, perfectly saturated. Chia seeds - an excellent choice for those who are overweight, metabolic disorders, chronic digestive system diseases in remission. " Chia seeds fit perfectly into the liquid food, combined with liquid products: sauces, smoothies, yogurts, soups. And pastries.
Pumpkin seeds

With all the beneficial properties of seeds in general, especially the pumpkin are rich in zinc. "And, accordingly, are particularly useful for older men and / or suffering from prostate disease, - says Natalya Fadeeva. - For the prevention of male diseases to eat 50-60 seeds is enough on a daily basis. Regularly add them to the food stands and those who have pets. They contain a substance cucurbitin - reliable protection against intestinal worms. " Add the pumpkin seeds in vegetable dishes, salads and pastries. They can eat and just as a light snack.
Sunflower seeds

The source of anti-aging vitamins A and E. "This is a valuable antioxidants that protect the body from aging, - says Natalya Fadeeva. - Due to the presence of useful fatty acids sunflower seeds are useful for skin, hair and nails. " To keep all the health benefits of sunflower seeds, they need to have in their raw form, without roasting. Add them to cereal, salads, vegetable dishes, or eat in between meals snack.
sesame seeds

Sesame (or sesame) - a product of east. And women. "There are a lot of calcium, which is necessary to the beautiful half of humanity throughout life: not only in the period of active growth, but during pregnancy, and the elderly to protect against osteoporosis - women suffer from it more often than men, - says Natalya Fadeeva . - One tablespoon of sesame or sesame paste per day plus 2 servings of dairy products - reliable prevention of this disease. " In cooking, sesame is used very widely! It is added to salads, vegetable dishes, pastries, cocktails ... from crushed sesame oil is made, as well as the famous sesame paste (tahini) - a traditional component of the popular oriental dishes, hummus, falafel. It serves as the basis for tahini and a variety of sauces. ... podsolnechnika.html


Thank you, Nastya! I like flax seeds ... current I use hair flax (in shampoos and balms). Published 03/02/2016 00:09
I have, incidentally, also shampoo jar "flax" is available (presented in-law), but I can not I will go to him)) Posted on 03.02.2016 00:59

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