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[It's fun] What is it - to see 100 million colors

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Concetta Antica, artist, San Diego:

"When in February on the Internet all the controversy because of the color of the dress - remember, some people saw it white and gold, and other black and blue - friends threw me a letter:" Concetta, you're the only one who can resolve this dispute. " Well, those and others are wrong. In fact, the dress was a dark gray color, with shades of purple and blue with a subtle pink interspersed. Yellow-gold color lace, shimmering gray-gold, brown and light beige tones.

Few pay attention to color as I am. I swim in the color, I'm just in love with the color. This is a very important part of my thoughts and emotions. Every day for me - this is another opportunity to learn new aspects of familiar things: a lamp in the bedroom, the plants on the window, the sunlight on the floor. Everything that surrounds me in the house must be perfectly matched by color, otherwise it makes me physically ill. I see that your lipstick is not suitable to the dress, when your hair color dissonance with complexion. I can even understand when people get sick with something: skin color changes.

The fact that I tetrahromat, I learned only recently - in 2012. Ordinary people in the retina are three types of cone cells that convert light stimuli into nerve signals. Cones are responsible for the different color spectra - violet-blue, green-yellow and yellow-red - and together give a person the opportunity to distinguish up to a million colors. Sometimes, usually in men, may not work all the cones, and the person becomes blind. And in rare cases, a woman - color blindness gene carrier is born immediately with four cones, and then she is supersensitive eyes. This woman - I am. I do not have to walk in dark glasses, I do not see things clearer or brighter. But I can see a hundred times more colors than others.

Scientists call this mutation, and I myself - nothing. Like many tetrahromaty, most of my life I did not know anything about it. By profession I am an artist, I have always been passionate about art and nature, and so my vision is functioning at full capacity. As a teenager, I grew up that kind of hippie, loved to walk barefoot in the garden and look at the sky. I was born in Australia, the family lived outside the city by the bay, and kilometers of coast were my playground. I always thought that I was not born in that era: all of these technologies seem so gray and faded, and take away so much in our world. There is nothing beautiful in the concrete is not, believe me. All of this - the color without color, flat and empty.

In five years, I had the first ink, and every day I have redrawn the book paintings by Cezanne and Van Gogh. Then she began to copy the covers of music albums: The Moody Blues, Status Quo, Yes. Growing up, I collected all his savings and moved to San Diego. Here I opened the drawing school and in twenty-five years has trained several thousand people.

Students constantly complained: "Concetta, I do not see color, you're talking about." We went outside to paint from nature, and all the time I kept saying: pay attention to the pale lilac color on a tree branch, do not miss the blue cast in stone and red smear on the blade of grass. Guys puzzled nodded in response. I thought, perhaps, the thing is that I am more experienced artist. And they physically could not see what I see.

Open all accidental. My father is colorblind, colorblind husband also, and once it became clear that color blindness is passed on to daughter. Girls colorblind can only be born of a tetrahromatov - what I learned. Here we have a family of strange colors. Now every couple of months I pass the tests in the laboratory, scientists are studying my gift, I write about scientific articles. They are interested in me, because my vision "sleeps" and brought to the highest point. You can have the unique nature of the muscles, but without training and they will atrophy. I train every day.

Over time, my students also learn to see more colors. We sit down together, and I explain: Look at this sheet, focus on it, forget about everything around. Of course, if the whole day only look at the television or the computer, when you will be five different shades of green, you are five times say it is green. And you do not notice the hundreds of nuances in a small sheet: blue-green with a hint of orange and red, light green and pastel green, dark blue and green with blue and purple shimmer. A look at a crow sitting on a branch. Its feathers thousands of colors: 50 shades of green, purple shades 50, 50 gray, blue, blue, blue-purple and dark gold. All colors in a bird, even pink.

My two sons, normal vision, as well as my sister. My daughter draws with me ever since she was five. I've been trained by it, and now she sees colors that even an ordinary person does not always distinguish between what to say about the color blind. I was able to expand its capacity, because human potential far more than he thinks.

In my paintings a lot of color, and people often do not understand what I do see all the colors in the world, and because of their stand on the canvas. My works allow us to see what is usually hidden. I am very prolific artist, working in the technique alla prima - write painting in one session. If you put me in front of a vase with a bouquet of flowers, one hour will be ready fabric. at one exhibition I recently drew the audience a live peacock.

Several years ago I sang his dream and bought a farm in Australia. Someday necessarily I will move there and be like a child, to watch nature. But before that, I hope I will be able to create a new genre: tetrahromatizm, a mixture of science and art. "

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