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[It is interesting] These tales of the Brothers Grimm

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по убыванию Published 24.2.2015 23:00:25 | descending
I listened to a lecture about the fairy tales, and in the comments, one of the teachers gave a link to this page (I'm sure many have already read that originally known all tales sounded more bloodthirsty)), in this small article discusses including some of "Italian" reading the most famous fairy tales)

The brutal truth of the Prince and Cinderella-rapist-murderer
Educators and psychologists often complain that folk tales too cruel. If they only knew that the offspring of parents tell - how shall I say? - Heavily edited versions of fairy tales. The originals were more, uh-uh ... naturalistic, that is ...

For example, let us take all the familiar tale from the cradle of the Dead Princess. Did you know that the beautiful girl was not awakened by the kiss of a brave prince? The Italian version of this story, dated 1636 year, says that fellow traveler raped sleeping asleep damsels and void sumnyashesya send yourself further. Three-rod bear actually abandoned the old lady on the spire of St. Paul's Cathedral; Zolushkina stepmother to his daughters cut off a piece of the foot, and as Snow White - then we say that the evil queen wanted not so much to her heart, as a gentle body ...

Many of you probably want to ask the same question: how can we be told such "fairy tale" little children ?!
The scientists-folklorists explain this phenomenon as follows: a fairy tale - it's part of folklore, and the adults talked not only children but also adults that they heard somewhere.

In addition, in ancient times, the adults treated children not as kids, but as future adults who need to prepare for adult life. And, mind you, while education of the younger generation took place naturally - children sleeping with parents in one room, the mother gave birth to their brothers and sisters in their own presence, and only about cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner from a bloody skinned carcasses and say nothing .. .

Today, few people know about the two people who made a great contribution to the history of mankind, preserving fine examples of "oral folk art" for future generations. No, this is not the Brothers Grimm! One of them - the Italian Giambattista Basile, who wrote "The Tale of fairy tales" (it contains fifty-Sicilian stories and was published in 1636). Another - Frenchman Charles Perrault. His book containing eight stories, was published in 1697. Seven of them have become classics, among them "Cinderella", "Blue Bird", "Sleeping Beauty", "Boy Thumb".
So, let's put out the light, kids, and Dad will tell you a new story.

sleeping Beauty
Just I gave birth to twins
When she was born, the witch predicted her terrible death - it will die by injection poisoned spindle. Her father ordered to carry out all of the palace of the spindle, but the beauty - her name was Talia - still pricked spindle and fall down dead.
King, her disconsolate father planted daughter's lifeless body on the padded velvet throne and ordered to carry Talia in their small house in the woods. House locked up and left, never to return.

Once in the woods hunting alien king. At some point, his falcon escaped from the hands and flew away. King galloped after him and came across a small house. Deciding that the falcon can fly in, the gentleman got into the house window. Falcon was not there. But he found sitting on the throne princess.

Deciding that she had fallen asleep, the king began to wake her, but no pats on the cheeks, nor cries awakened the sleeping beauty. Being inflamed the beauty of the girls, the king, in the words of Basile, carried her to the bed and "gathered the flowers of love." And then, leaving a beautiful woman on the bed, he returned to his kingdom, and forgot about the incident for a long time.

It took nine months. One day the princess gave birth to twins - a boy and a girl, who lay beside her and sucked her breasts. It is unknown how much would it lasted, if one day the boy did not lose the mother's breast and began to suck her finger - the same, pin shank. The poisoned thorn popped, and the princess woke up to find himself in an abandoned house in solitude, except out of nowhere who took the lovely babies.

Meanwhile, the alien king, suddenly remembering the sleeping girl, and "adventure", again gathered to hunt in those regions. Looking into an abandoned house, he found the perfect trio. Repented, King told everything beautiful princess and even stayed there for several days. But then it all went well, however, promising beauty will soon send for her and the children - in those few days, they had come to love each other.

Back home, the king could not forget about the meeting with the princess. Every night he left his royal bed, went into the garden and thought of the beautiful Talia and her children - a boy named Sun, and a girl named Luna.

And his wife - that is, the Queen, which he somehow found the time to talk about babies - something suspect. At first she questioned one of the royal falconers, and then intercepted a messenger with a letter to the king of Talia.

Meanwhile, nothing suspecting Talia quickly gathered the twins and went to visit his lover. She did not know that the Queen ordered to seize all three kids to kill, cook several dishes from them and submit them to the King for lunch.

At dinner, when the king praised pasties, the queen kept muttering: "mango, mango, you eat her!"
King tired of listening to babbling wife, and he snapped it: "Of course, I'm eating my - because your dowry worth a penny!"

But the evil queen that was not enough. Blinded by the thirst for revenge, she ordered to bring her and the princess herself.
"You vile creature! - The Queen said -. And I will kill you!"
Princess cried and screamed that she was not guilty - for the King "broke its fort" while she slept. But the queen was adamant.
"Light the fire and throw it back!" - She ordered the servants.

Desperate Princess, groaning, asked to fulfill her last wish - she wanted to undress before he died. Her clothes were embroidered with gold and decorated with precious stones, so greedy queen, thinking, agreed.

Princess undress very slowly. Removing each piece of her toilet, she emits a loud and plaintive cry. And the king had heard of it. He broke into the dungeon, knocked down the queen and demanded the return of the twins.

"But you ate them myself!" - Said the evil queen. King wept. He ordered the burning of the queen in an already diluted fire.
Just then the cook came and confessed that he did not obey the orders of the queen and the twins left alive, replacing them with the lamb. Joy parents knew no bounds! Kiss the cook, and each other, they began to happily ever after but good.
And Basile finishes the tale following moral: "Some people are always lucky - even when they are sleeping."

When the sisters tried on the shoe, they had to chop off the legs
The first European fairy tale of Cinderella has been described by the same Basile - however, one original, Cinderella did not lose a glass slipper.
The name of this little girl was Zezolla - short for Lukrezutstsiya, and she has a child has shown a penchant for murder. Conspired with his nanny, she ruined the wicked stepmother, suggesting that to look at the trunk of his mother. Greedy stepmother bent over the trunk, Zezolla to force down the lid - and stepmother broke his neck.

After burying his stepmother, Zezolla persuaded her father to marry a nurse. But the girl did not become easier because her life was poisoned six nurse's daughters. She continued to wash, wash, clean the house and rake out the ashes from stoves and fireplaces. For that it was nicknamed Cinderella.

But once Zezolla stumbled upon a magic tree, which could fulfill the desire. It was only necessary to cast a spell: "Oh, magic tree itself Undress and dress me!"
Near this tree Cinderella dress up in beautiful dresses and go on balls. One day, she saw the king and, of course, immediately fell in love. He sent his servant to find Zezollu, but he could not find the girl. Love ruler became angry and shouted: "I swear by the souls of my ancestors - if you do not find beautiful, I will beat you with a stick and kick as many times as your hair in his beard filthy!"

The servant, protecting your own ass, found Cinderella and grabbed her, put her in the same wagon. But Zezolla shouted the horses, and they drove off. The servant fell. Fell and something else that belonged to Cinderella.
The servant returned to the owner with a new found object in her hands. He jumped up, grabbed the thing and joyfully began to cover him with kisses. What was it? Silk thong? Golden boot? Glass slipper?

Not at all! It was pianella - Similar overshoe on stilts with soles made of cork, namely those worn by women of Naples Renaissance! These overshoes on a high platform guarded long women's dresses from dirt and dust. Platform height usually reached 6-18 inches.

So, imagine the king, tenderly pressed against the chest so big and awkward thing, as this is the most pianella, not only pressing but also coos over him like unto a dove: if, say, not destiny I find you, my love, I will die in the prime of life. But I still find you, my love, what would I do at any cost!
And the young King sent messengers who traveled the entire kingdom, and each woman tries pianellu found. So Cinderella and was found.

Basile Tale is full of romanticism and talks about some strange form of fetish - shoes. However, the Nordic version of "Cinderella" is much more bloody.
Let's compare the Italian version of the Scandinavian and Norwegian. Take the third act.
Prince ordered to smear one step palace porch resin and slipper Cinderella local - in these places its name Ashen-puttel - stuck to it. After that, the prince's servants went throughout the kingdom to seek the possessor of such a small foot.

And then they got to Zolushkinogo home. But except for the poor thing there Machekhin two daughters were still living! First tried on the shoe's eldest daughter - locked in the bedroom, she pulled the shoe, but in vain - interfered with his thumb. Then her mother said to her: "Take a knife and bran finger when you become queen, you do not need to walk a lot.!" She obeyed - covered another slipper.

Delighted Prince immediately put beauty on a horse and rode to the palace - to prepare for the wedding. But it was not there! As they passed the graves Zolushkinoy mother bird sitting on the trees sang loudly:

"Look back, look back!
With shoes dripping blood,
Shoe was small, and the rear
Sitting is not your bride! "

Prince looked back and actually saw the blood flowing from the girls shoe. Then he returned and gave the shoe a second Machekhin daughter. And that was too thick heel - and not covered another shoe again. Mother gave her second daughter the same advice. The girl took a sharp knife, cut off part of the heel, and by hiding the pain, wedged his foot in the shoe. Joyful Prince sat next bride on a horse and rode to the castle. But ... the birds were on guard!
Finally the prince returned to the same house, the same found his Cinderella married her and lived his entire happiness. A jealous girls blinded and subjected to flogging - not coveted another's.

Yes, this version became the basis of modern fairy tale - only publishers, perhaps young children, deleted from its options even the slightest hints of blood.
Incidentally, the tale of Cinderella - one of the most popular stories in the world. She has lived for 2,500 years, and during that time had 700 versions. A very early version of "Cinderella" was found in ancient Egypt - the mother told the children there the night the story of a beautiful prostitute who bathed in the river, and at this time the eagle stole her sandals and carried her to Pharaoh. Sandal was so small and delicate that Pharaoh immediately announced a nationwide search. And, of course, when he found Fodoris - Cinderella - he immediately married her. I wonder what the account of Pharaoh's wife was this Cinderella? ..

Three Bears
It bears the old woman into the house breaks
She was an old ragged beggar, and it took almost a hundred years, to the old woman turned into a little thief with blond hair (by the way, if we are talking about a young girl, then she really got into the home to bears? Can it still had three removes one bachelor apartment ?!)

English poet Robert Susie in 1837 published this story, "equipping" of her phrases, which have since been good at all, without exception, parents: "Who sat in my chair ?!" "Who ate my porridge?"
As Suzy wrote the old woman broke into the house, she ate porridge, sat on a chair, and then lay down to sleep. When the bears are back, she jumped out the window. "Broke his neck if she froze there in the woods, was arrested there and rotted in prison, I do not know. But since then, the three bears never heard of that old woman."

The British can be proud of - for many years it was considered the first version of the tale. However, in 1951 in one of the libraries of Toronto have found a book published in 1831 with the same tale. She wrote to her nephew some Eleanor Moore.

The Tale of Mrs. Moore - rather strange. According to her version, the old lady got into the house of the three bears, because shortly before they hurt her. And in the end, when the three bears caught her, they slowly and thoroughly discussing what to do now with her:

"They threw it into the fire, but it did not burn;
They threw her in the water, but she was drowning;
Then they took it and scored on the steeple of the church of St Paul - and if you look closely, you'll see that she still there! "

Version tales, edited by the poet Susie existed for quite some time, until in 1918, someone changed the hoary old woman a little girl.

Book Richard Sachs Underground education
I read Cyrus quarter

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Posted 02/25/2015 11:51:13

Re: True tales of the Brothers Grimm

Yes, all the old tales were very cruel.
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Posted 25/02/2015 15:55:46

Re: True tales of the Brothers Grimm

We have a book of fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm (in Italian). The luxury-bound on a great paper, but ... impossible to read. Some intricate stories, and generally solid sur - like a textbook on psychotherapy , Sometimes even abnormal psychology
History, as we know it as a fairy tale "12 months" - it is something! Just some kind of cannibalism, combined with sophisticated sadism. There's evil stepmother with what just do not - and rats, and boiling resin, and thrown out of the window, and her fingers cut off ... And well, such plot moves that fit psychedelic movie shoot ...
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Posted 25/02/2015 16:41:51

Re: True tales of the Brothers Grimm

Hahaha! We in the German Brothers Grimm read in the original, even back then I was in shock, did not recognize the usual cute fairy tales! Ah, bloodthirsty Niemczyk ...
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Posted 25/02/2015 17:18:21

Re: True tales of the Brothers Grimm

By the way, the worst perverts - a psychologists This ponahodili ... can ever unravel. For example, in a harmless see Little Red Riding Hood type, called "crown dinamistka" - ie, girls who by and large do 'climb into the mouth of the wolf ", and then complain that they were raped. Everybody knows that in the car to the 5th unknown tipsy guys can not sit down. But sit down! What, one wonders, is calculated? Here are just at the very ... Pure Red Riding Hood.

My mother warned not to talk to strangers in the woods? Warns (though in brackets, we note that the mother also still the same ... - knows that the wolves in the forest - and sends her daughter alone! Oh, and she go, go with your child. Probably wants to get rid of the rising generation of rivals - Remember the recent topic about um. Moms and sons and daughters?). So my daughter? Not only enter into a conversation with someone is not clear, so also explains in detail how to get to a place where it would be available! (Grandma's house - there is the granny ... ). And what you might think about this very young fool?

But the scene in bed ... Well it's just sex. thriller: "Grandma, why do you have such big hands Grandma, why do you have such big ears Grandma, why do you have such a big nose??? "We believe that it is interested in small pervert nose ???" Grandma, what do you have so much between ... paws? Is the tail ??? " And then the classics - "I'm not guilty - he has come !!!" Nu-nu ...

And by the way, the girls read "Cinderella" is bad - you know how much it zhist spoiled ??? Many ... Like, that's going to all of a good-kind - and will find you at the Bel prYnts horse. So she sits all of a positive - pryntsa zhdёt. A "Machekhin daughter", fairy tales are not poisoned, roll up their sleeves and take schschaste into their own hands ... cutting pryntsev another approach to zolushkinomu home. And she's sitting ... waiting ...
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