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[Concerning the Spiritual] Masterpieces of Sacred Music


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Collection of famous masterpieces of sacred choir of New College, Oxford.
Recorded in January / April 1996.

00:00 1. S. Barber (1910 - 1981) Agnus Dei
In the US, this work is still the best-selling music, how to sustain the highest number of reissues on CD-ROM. He always played at the funeral of all significant entities America. Presidents, for example. This melody know almost everything (or at least many). Forgetting, however, often the name of the composer ... It can be found on a variety of records - soundtracks for films, theatrical productions, in the speech of an unknown organist, concert bisah ... And we can say with confidence - Samuel Barber was able to write something that belongs eternity. Something that has not been forgotten, when his name was almost forgotten. The music will play when the last memory of those who are with the orchestra went to the cemetery, as the smoke clears ... He himself probably knew that one day out of the pen he left something that he does not belong to.

8:00 2. G.Fore (1845-1924) Cantique de Jean Racine
Hymns on the text of Jean Racine (the famous French playwright of the 17th century.) He wrote as a final work by the end of the music school of Louis de Niedermeyer (Paris), in which eleven years studying classical and church music, and you graduated with honors (1865).

13:25 3. D. Pierluigi da Palestrina (1524-1594)
Kyrie (Missa Papae Marcelli) Mass for four voices
"Mass of Pope Marcello", one of the most famous in Palestrina, does not belong to him one of the most simple and transparent for the choral texture, neither among the most complex and rich saturation festive choral sound.

17:42 4. V. a.Motsart (1756 -1791) Ave Verum Corpus
Ave verum corpus (Latin Ave verum corpus -. Hail, true Body), K.618 - motet is in the key of D major in the eponymous Latin text written by Wolfgang Mozart Amedeo June 17, 1791 to perform on the occasion of the celebration of Corpus Christi. This work is considered one of the most beautiful works by Mozart and one of his best works of the church

20:50 5. Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Jesus joy of man's derising -Jesus bleibet meine Freude
(Jesus, my joy)
Gorgeous arrangement for choir is one of the cantatas for the chapel.
Total Bach was written more than 300 cantatas on spiritual topics, of which only about 195 have survived. Bach cantatas vary greatly in form and instrumentation. Some of them are written for one voice, some - for the choir; some require for the performance of a large orchestra, and some - only a few instruments.

23:49 6. S. Rachmaninoff (1873-1943) Ave Maria
Catholic prayer to the Mother of God, named by its initial words. This prayer is also called the angelic greeting or angelico salutatio, as its first sentence is the greeting of the Archangel Gabriel told him the Blessed Virgin at the moment of the Annunciation.
In Orthodoxy prayer Ave Maria meets Song of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

27:18 7. EW Elgar (1857-1934) "Lux aeterna" ", (Light)
Variation X. Nimrod. of works on an Original Theme "Enigma Variations, Op. 36:
This succession of 14 paintings that give a vivid picture of people imprinted in them. It is known that in the book captured images of his close friends, but who is who, the author and do not reveal the secret. Critics have called this work - the pinnacle of symphonic art of the late XIX century composer.

31:50 8. H. Gorecki (1933- 2010) Totus Tuus
Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki -Polish composer, bright name in the contemporary academic muzyke.To that wrote Gorecki, habitually referred to as the "new simplicity" or "new sincerity", but rather a sincere than simple. In contrast to the minimalist mainstream Americanized, Górecki music repeats the simple formula is not to entice and enchant, turn off consciousness. Gorecki is repeated in order to convince us. In his music, everything is clear: this is - a shadow, and this - the light; transition from one to another is not sudden and assumes average.

40:14 9. Mendelssohn (1809-1847) Hear my Prayer (Hear my prayer)
While working on the oratorio "Elijah", he wrote a number of essays and spiritual psalms, including the world famous "hymn of praise" and the English national anthem "Hear my prayer."

51:15 10. D.Taverner (1944 -2013) The Lamb
One of the most famous works Taverner - a passage written in the poem 'The Lamb' by William Blake (William Blake). Today it is one of the classic Christmas songs.

54:32 11. G.Fore (1845 -1924) In Paradisum (ch.VII.iz "Requiem")
One of his most famous works - the Requiem (for soloists, chorus and orchestra), exists in three copyright editions: the first one (in five parts, 1888) and the second (in seven parts, 1893) for chamber orchestra, the third (1900) - for large orchestra and organ.

57:43 12. G. Allegri (1582 -1652)
Miserere mei, Deus (lat. "Have mercy on me, O God")
The most famous work of Allegri - Miserere. Miserere - initial word of the text of the Roman Catholic service (Miserere mei, Deus - «Have mercy on me, O God") - Music 50 (51) Psalm.
This music is considered a masterpiece of sacred music of his time.

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