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[It is interesting] Lessons Russian love

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The collection "Russian Lessons of Love" composed by Maria Golovanivskoy consists of 100 texts love Russian literature and two dozen essays about the masters of love prose - from Pushkin to Limonov. Among the authors of the essays - Sergei Gandlevsky, Tatyana Tolstaya and Alexander Timofeevsky Alena Doletskaya, Arkady Ippolitov and others. COLTA.RU publishes a chapter written by Eugenia Pischikov.

With Pelageya Aparina from the village Kruchi Ekaterinovskiy district of Saratov region it happened like this: "We met Ivan Ye and Pelagia Ivanovna the village party in the spring of 1946. A month later, I looked at Pelagia window - he goes straight to their gate. Heart skipped a beat when she heard a knock. I came to him, wiping her wet hands in soapsuds. He hesitated a moment and said: "Please, if you do not mind, will you marry me" So Pelagia became Aparina "(Russian State Archive of Contemporary History, D. 78, 79).

In Pelagia declaration of love turned out just like in a fairy tale.

In the old Russian fairy tale, that even from the collection of Alexander Nikolayevich Afanasyev, in three volumes, where the texts without age, without a bottom, if you look long into them - tightens; there headstock blue cap, the war of mushrooms, clay guy who ate the parents that it blinded - grandmother of the spinning wheel and stick with Dedkov: voracious Russian Galatea; Well, romantic, of course, the characters - fools and maidens with their interest. Dunno And there does not live in Sun City, and stands in a bullish bubble and skinned bovine skin in the middle of someone else's garden - a scarecrow. Plots completely without rainbows and pink unicorns - life. Vsepriimchivye. In Afanasyevsky "Jack Frost" the old man brings home two frozen Machekhin subsidiaries, is the "matting turned and found the dead babies." But what can I do? "Poserdilas, rebuked, but after a stepdaughter reconciled. And they began to live but be so good ever after, and is dashing not remember. Prisvatalsya sused, Noces played, Marfusha lives happily. Old Man Frost grandchildren scare and not let stubborn. "

Every tale describes daily. Death - everyday. Love is a miracle and death - part of everyday life.

The crime, vice and fornication - just the usual and necessary components of the ordinary, and not surprisingly, and not broken; Here and now in the latest online news reading, both in St. Petersburg brothel found the smell of borscht (it was attached to the services lyuboslastiya home cooking).

Life sort of continuous. No personal reflection - no one has said that man is born for happiness. Fabulous, doliteraturnaya reality makes no sense-set standards or verbal canon to express these feelings - perhaps in all folk collections will not find a single lyrical declaration of love. There are several sensible exclamations; basically we are talking not about a love conversation, but an agreement, provided that: "Blessed as Prince Peter sent one of his servants, so he asked:" Tell me, girl, who wants to cure me? Let cure and get a rich reward. " She bluntly said: "I want to cure it, but the rewards are no do not ask him. Here's to him my word that if I was not going to his wife to him, it does not become me to treat him ' "(Ermolai-Erasmus," The Tale of Peter and Fevronia ") - or the contract (sometimes the most fantastic sense)," Anastasia Perfect I woke up and woke Tugarina, Kazha: "What we beat five, five tolerate" Yong Kazha: "Kali will beat our horses, tagda and we wake up." In Jana lowered its Kania. Coney panyuhalis and began to lick the other Adin and voupasli began to graze. Duck Beautiful and Anastasia kazhi Fedaru Tugarin: "If you were my husband, and I tyabe Jean." And posedavshi Kania on, let's go home. Sabe live up pozhivayut, yak galubki ".

And this tradition of loving explanation "as a contract" eternal - at least, she remained still in the post-war Soviet village.

Coincidence scenarios folk (rural) and the fairy-tale love confession is absolute, to smile.

"Vanya went home. Comes tells Mary: "Well, my dear, I saw the king's daughter. This, my dear, a misfortune - a whole day she dressed up in da mirror looking, did not know how to work, he says - the bread on a fur-trees grow. Yes, tea-drinking is not in our opinion - the whole sugar head sucks. " And Mary laughs and says: "Well, Vanya. Okay, yagodinochka. I myself find you a bride. " I searched mother in the village and found the son of the bride Nastya. Good a girl, mistress serviceable, needle hard-working. " This is from a fairy tale "Vanya and the princess." But the record of memories of Olga Semyonovna Kalinovoe ( "Voice of the peasants: Rural Russia in the twentieth century peasant memoirs", 1996; Project Manager - Professor Theodor Shanin): "Paul had the city bride, I did not expect, from our poverty. When I got home, there my future father in law. Father in law says: "I say, you come to make a match." Usually they send people, matchmakers, and that he came, Paul's father. He says: "We have been about you, Olga, dream!" I am the most hard-working in the village was. "

Or, say, compare a marriage proposal from a fairy tale "The Soldier and the Princess," "The Golden Chest is odezha lie like fever burning!" - And the story of Natalia Yegorovna Shilkina, which in 1970 was called to marry no less pretty way (from the project Professor recording Shanin): "He was still, when urged, saying that all the gold in her outfit. And indeed, she bought a lot of 16 gold teeth at her. And he said jokingly that she had scrofulous! "

It is clear that the agreement or even courtship - as a form of collective declaration of love (swarm recognition) - valued much more love confession. And Vera Fedorovna Shaneeva, station barmaid (Siberia Station, the city Myski Kemerovo region), explains why: "It is not with me rang and asked respectfully. He said: "My sister is still an older bachelorette. So mother will be against our marriage. But you still come after me. ' " Sociologist interviewer (recording oral memoir Faith Fyodorovna is in RGANI) tries to clarify: "What do you mean" not ringing "" - "Do not lie, does not present anything - meets Vera Fedorovna Shaneeva. - I'm in catering all my life, and the dorms had heard about love. And he - respectful words spoken, beautiful. "

For Vera Fedorovna declaration of love - this ugly word. Ancient attitude to the concept of beauty and ugliness words. "Ugly words" - embarrassing, deceitful, personal, revealing, too beautiful. This shameful act of speech, temptation, sin verbal, verbal fornication.

When you read the memoirs of the people, it is interesting to observe the return of the word, nipped by two-plus centuries of incessant Raznochinnaya, living room, literary conversation, the original meaning. "Beautiful," the right word - something for which there is not a symbol, but a reality effect. So, Anna Matveevna Gantsevich (recording group Theodor Shanin) said is absolutely accurate, impossible words: "My husband would often cheated on me. But I never thought he would leave me, as it was very true to me. " Behind this phrase - bone, cerebellar reality. Fairy, in which, as in the endless variations of the plot Koshcheeva, older brothers slaughtered, dismembered and deceive Ivan Tsarevich in order to assign his exploits, "threats and ulescheniyami" silenced his bride and bring the maiden to his father's court as their own prey. "Where is your younger brother?" - Asks the father. "I do not know, sir, we missed him." What bride Princess - the golden curls? Silent. Do not die the same vain, for some words. Vanya, then no. In any literary law - there is no such character reader's forgiveness. And in life, fabulous canon (for "truth") everything is going as it should. And only appears in his father's porch bathed in the morning light and the water of Vanya as the princess immediately throws herself on the neck of a real hero: "This is my husband, and ski brothers said," True to the girl.

It does not mean ugly word. They are only "baring".

And one of the most charming of the Soviet Utopian writer Semen Babaev, who in his "Dream of a Cossack" with zhulvernovoy hasty economic system Sun City (power) in the Kuban collective farm, too - true, prove true his nationality - picks peasant distrust and bashful attitude to and loving way, as if turning his novel into the final story, he denies himself the right to engage in the actual literary work:

"I know we still have those readers who already leaf through the book and run ahead: they do not have something to do with how the glistening Kuban flood and took what color the grass after rain. They want more to know what happened out there on the mound. Here every little thing should not be missed. If Sergei will declare his love Irina - a it is quite possible - it is necessary this time to write in all its details: whether Sergey Irina said all that I thought, right, bluntly, as befits a war veteran, and expressed himself solely by hints but smiles ; Do blushed at the same time; that it was told him, Irina; if on the trouble, Sergei did not have the courage, then one must show where did his shyness: what is, in fact, the hero, when he at the right time has not the courage ... But we will not appease the impatient reader and We leave our heroes on the mound. Let them thoroughly Love Enough and moist, warm steppe after a rain, and the moon, running between fragments of clouds, if they find a need to explain, then let it do without foreign witnesses. "

Like the Kuban looked writer Babaev.

Much of the suburban, community (in the recent bygone - peasant, and now urban, and social) life happened "without foreign witnesses."

Now that the judgment and the ideals of the majority become again visible and important, it became apparent that the ideals of the traditional conditional, but not progovarivaemy (right person everything is clear without words) and pre-individual. Center for Independent Sociological analysis did the first summer month poetic poll: "What man lives?" The answers were mostly given by the obvious scenario, a quote from your favorite movie (which is also, in general, the tale of a Soviet fifties): "To live, trunk, We need not for joy, and for conscience. " When the expansion matter (which means "the conscience") answers were: "Not only for myself, but for others, for everyone."

"How to live for everyone?" - "To live like everybody else".

The country is still only the day before yesterday was a peasant (in 1921, eighty-three percent of the population - peasants); we as cucumbers, eighty percent are made up of a community of warm and acidic, dissolving private. Life around - abstruse, alien, something was wrong, but if you look at her oldest communities eyes, all fit into the unsympathetic, but understandable picture: piled creeping offshore, sluggish ipotekushki, bankirki tribute to require the evil Turks with their steel swan for each Russian square meter golden fleece, some bluetooth filthy, their beech Berry, in his pocket climb, basking in the sun sovereign Coll points.

And life stories - ever.

Mazhorka Nesmeyana Princess (around luxury, everything is there, what the soul wants, and she never smiles because that 's nothing more to want ") gets rid of the enchantment and fun filled window because the future of her husband, an honest worker, zasmotrevshis on her own beauty, I broke out there ... the first in the mud - there is so ridiculous as to see Petrosian. Or show "Ural dumplings" look. But, by the way, and honest employee receives a reward intuitive life scenario: Petrosyan worked, stood on all fours in the pool - and become rich and successful. And for a penny plowed field.

But even Ivan Bykovich with a retinue of bratushek Obedaylo, Opivaylo, Ruff, hovered and Stargazer (and always something in the environment of strong bykovatogo man zateshetsya any intellectual), who married a princess, and that became languid and heavy, and wanted it become a star in the sky. Too familiar situation, we have seen these stars.

In most people's mental minutiae modern economy and inherits copies archaic Thus, Natalia Pushkareva in "with milk and honey under your tongue ..." is a great record of the "Tatar kiss": "Love kiss different from the ritual and etiquette kiss those that perform it allowed itself "lips plyuskati" - smack, smack his lips, kissing her mouth open, and most importantly - "puts the language." In the XIV century in some penitential collections (we are talking about epitimiynoy literature, is used by priests during confession to determine the punishment for certain sins) this kiss was called "Tatar" ( "Does language Vdevala your ... put there by Tartar, or you who Well tacos? ")." Then, after centuries, Russian love life "French kiss" became known as the French.

Useful, therapeutic and very popular nowadays the ability to see the track in any infidel own sin and justify them.

And if to the extent - that not until the end assuming we live archaic; impersonal reality, the modern folk tradition of loving recognition should be fabulous. It is so?

And there is.

We gave examples of peasant memoirs, describing the post-war (until about 1980) township life that swirls between the bench, well and a market square.

A mound of earth today, a well and a market square - is the internet; and examples of contemporary folk declarations of love to be found in internetlore (the term is clumsy, but the existing, accepted folklorists several schools).

At the request of "declaration of love" (Woman, Man, MCH, husband, wife) - three million replies; all of the first page - it is anonymous, rashozhie explanations scenario. Today's "pismenniki" - something like a huge collective album demobilization and graduate at the same time. There is, of course, is full of "urban romance" such kvaziliteraturnogo folklore:

I am writing to you, my dear boy,
What's more, I can not live without you.
Why do I dream of a night each,
Why should I suffer and tears pour?

But most of the explanation - the other. On your desk, in your face fall out thousands of "recommended" admissions (eg, SMS-confession) - the same as empty cans: "Baby, hello. I remind you that I love you! And I'm already crazy miss your smile, sexy voice and touch. Remember that you are my dearest man "for" man "should be killed at once!; "Man," "Zai" and "kitty" - terrible words, "voodoo-names" that a second raschelovechivayut the one so called them - just uvalivayut living, the individual in some black fraternal hole in the collective moat where nothing is his, not a single personal details - no slides, no snow, no dead toads at the gate, neither childhood nor adult clothes first, nor even the first mobile phone, and the first selfie in the dressing room.

In general, the cited recognition - this is a classic example of a "zero-statements", "empty speech" when the words in a sentence there, but they do not mean anything. The words in this sentence, there is love, but they do not mean anything personal. Nothing of this. It's all in the past. This community buzz fabulous ancient words denoting agreement or agreement between the two men, and kisoy zaey. We are still together as husband and wife, I remind you that we all like everyone else. The voice you have, as necessary, sexy, h / w (smile) there, all of us in order. Cooing like ghouls, we live in a fairy tale.

And only occasionally out of this explanatory collective smoothness comes out into the light of some pale raunchy shoot, and you know how to grow private in a fairy tale. From young horse and grew. And I came across a great, private, "vechnolichnoe" in the candy, glazed, folk chatting "How to make an offer to girl": "I can not help it - when I start to worry, clutches his penis. This prevents me talk with the girl. I am used when a child watching scary movies, behaved cock. It's like a hand held out another. "

And so we shall be saved - can be. Let us return to modern life is not through the drama of chanson, not through heroic clicks, and a young horse meat. First, admit to yourself that you are small and weak, then admit to the world that you're lonely. And then confess his love girl, clutching his trousers - to the alarm of love that seeks its own words.

Russian Lessons of love. - M., Corpus, 2014. 592 p.

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