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[It is interesting] Obscure "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" on


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по убыванию Published 24.9.2014 14:04:55 | descending
From the very first viewing of the film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" I was plagued by the question: How Nikolay could find in the vast metropolis of the past "in the gap" Gosh? What about the Gaucher you know? Practically nothing but the name, profession, anatomical features (appendectomy scar). Neither the names of the hero or his place of work, no address, no passport data, no one knew.

Casket was opened after reading the book picture screenwriter Valentin Chernykh.

So. It turns out that Lyudmila before marriage had an affair with a friend of the "deep drilling office." Erovshin his familiЁ. In the film, this fellow is not present, for obvious reasons, in the post-script, he doeth the fate of the characters aki angel savior.

- Katherine - began Erovshin - I know that his name was George Ivanovitch, but it is possible that the passport is recorded Yuriy and Yegor Ivanovich. You've seen his passport?

- Of course not.

- Next time, do not hesitate to see - advised Erovshin.

- Next time there will be ... How do you represent it? While the man slept, I climb up into his jacket pocket?

- Nothing wrong with that - calmly replied Erovshin. - But it's all the noise - is now looking for information, not advice. Lyudmila said he was a mechanic and is engaged in electronics. There is some discrepancy. Maybe you explain?

- I understand that it creates instruments with which scientists have something to explore and defend the thesis.

- So, a research institute. When you go to him or drove around the city, you're about something said. Remember! Any such phrases as: where I lived as a child, where I went to school.

- No. We did not talk about it.

- And you know from his words that he is engaged in electronics?

- Not only. They have the whole company. They go on picnics, mushrooms, fishing. When we were at the picnic, there were real candidates and doctors of sciences. Young mostly.

- At any picnic and indeed in male company mainly talking about women, about military service and work. All these men are united. What was said at the picnic?

- What we are lagging behind in electronics. What they have recently replaced a computer "Minsk", I have forgotten a serial number, the antediluvian cabinets, a modern Japanese computer.

- Here you are sitting, go talk to your right, to the left and vice versa, and all within earshot. What did you notice in their conversations that you are interested in?

- What's in a department store "Moscow" thrown women's boots "Salamander", all the men ran the lab to buy their wives. And one tossed between the shelves at a loss. He wanted to buy boots mistress, but did not know its size. All laughed a lot.

Erovshin opened his briefcase and pulled out a book card, quickly leafed through it.

- Leninsky Prospekt, the department store "Moscow". Two hundred meters away - Institute of Electronics.

Erovshin dialed phone number.

- Institute of Electronics. Leninsky Prospekt. Georgy, a locksmith, mechanic, instrument operators, look at tolerances of secrecy ...

- Yes, - Katerina remembered - he traveled to Riga on a business trip to the factory VEF. He returned on the November ...

- Age?

- From forty to forty-three.

- From thirty-eight to forty-five, - said in a telephone Erovshin. - I'm waiting!

- You did not say where to call - Katherine recalled.

- He knows - Erovshin said - they have the phone with caller ID.

- And if the phone booth?

- All phone booths also have numbers.

The phone rang, Erovshin picked up the phone.

- Yes. Yes. Yes. I recorded. Skokov Georgy forty-second year of birth, Malaya Bronnaya, twelve, forty-second. Yes Yes. Clear. Let us in fifteen minutes - and hung up.

- You know what, you do not need to travel, - he turned to Catherine. - In this situation, start figuring out who's to blame, word for word - and then it will be even more difficult to correct. Nikolai Will Travel. We'll take it and instruct the road. And he will bring him here. Here you are on home territory next to Lyudmila, orient it in any situation.

- He will not go with me, - said Katerina.

- Will Travel - Erovshin said. - Women like you, every step is not lying. Call Nicholas!

Nikolai entered the kitchen.

- We found him - said Erovshin. - But you have today will be a difficult and responsible task - to bring him here. We discussed it and came to the conclusion that only you can do it.

- Setting understood.

- The details of the forthcoming operation will talk in the car.

- I'm ready. - Nicholas poured himself some vodka, drank and clicked his heels shoes.

Nicholas dropped off at the house on Malaya Bronnaya, where he lived Gogh.

- Head and confidence! - Admonished Erovshin. - In such situations, the arguments are not so important. Operates on the principle "the fool!".

- I do not understand - Nicholas asked.

- Make no mistake. He said that he had been deceived. You say - very disappointed.

- These facts are - Nicholas confirmed.

- But the main reason - let's go, there's understand!

- And if you will not go?

- Then call me Catherine, though she comes ...

- And if you try to escape?

- Try to stop.

- And if he use force?

- And you, too, applicability.

- And if we take away to the police station for a fight?

- Very good. Katerina come to rescue him. And you Antonina.

- Okay. I will try to do without a fight.

Nicholas climbed on foot to the fifth floor - the elevator was not working - and stopped to catch his breath. Five floors in an old house equal to the height of eight in the new - due to the high ceilings. He rang the bell, the door was opened by an old woman, did not even ask who he was and who came. Remembering farewell Erovshina of pressure and confidence, Nicholas ordered the old woman:

- Stand!

The old woman turned and looked with interest at Nicholas.

- Skokov Georgy aka Gogh, Ghosh, Yuri, Yegor, live here?

- Gosh here. But it is better to go tomorrow.

- Reason?

- He drank. The last three years did not drink, but failed.

- Here are the norm - promised Nicholas and more ordered than requested: - Take me to his room.

Confidence and the pressure impressed on the old woman. She brought Nicholas to Gogi room. In the corridor repairs went, had not to go, and to wade between the barrels of whitewash, buckets, imposition of the rooms of furniture.

Nicholas entered the room without knocking Gogi. Head and confidence - again, he reminded himself. Now Gogh, of course, surprised to begin to ask: who, what, why so? He will say to him, let's go, we shall understand the road. But Nicholas plan began to crumble from the first seconds. Gogh was sitting at the table and drank beer. He looked at Nicholas, who visited the Gog and thought, which is why such a fuss? Not a giant, not handsome, not youthful. Gogh Nicholas gestured to the table and poured his vodka.

- I have a beer, - said Nikolai.

- Then, - said Goga.

Nikolai drank vodka, beer he poured Gogh. Nikolai drank beer.

- Gosh - Gogh reached Nicholas's hand.

- Nicholas.

They shook hands. Gogh poured himself a beer and Nicholas. They drank. Biting purified ram.

- Rare in these times the fish, - said Nikolai.

- I agree. How is the weather?

- In the morning it was the rain, but the year is warm enough for this time.

- What happens in the world?

- There is no stability. Terrorists seized the aircraft of Air France.

- Not good. Terror - not a method of struggle. Who are you?

- Nicholas I, the husband of Antonina that girlfriend Catherine and Ludmila.
When the bell rang in the apartment, a friend sitting in the kitchen. "Girls, go" - asked Katherine.

- I said - delivered and delivered, - said Nikolai.

- Rather, the opposite is true - said Goga, - but I do not insist.

The front left and Lyudmila Antonina.

- Where are you so picked up? - Antonina rushed to Nicholas.

- There were no snacks.

From the kitchen came Katerina.

- Dinner's ready, - she said.

And all went to the kitchen. Alexander brought out chairs rooms.

- Odakyu, please - asked Gogh Ludmila. - Usually I'm sitting here.

- I am the way, before I sit here, - Lyudmila replied.

- From today, it will be canceled. Now, here, I'll sit.

Gogh took his place at the head of the table and asked:

- I ask all to the table.

- It's time, - said Antonina suddenly and without giving sit Lyudmila, pushed her to the exit. Nicholas got up, eating the hamburger on the go.

Gogh went to the front.

- Let's be friends houses - suggested Nikolai.

- Accept the proposal - said Goga, - and put forward a counter: friends families.

Supported Antonina and Ludmilla, Nikolai came out onto the landing.

Katerina Gogh and returned to the kitchen. They stood in silence.

- I would eat soup, if there is - asked Gogh. - A week did not eat hot.

Well, after all remember:

- How long have I been looking for you.
- 8 days.
- ... How long have I been looking for you.

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Posted 24/09/2014 14:45:42

Re: A little-known of "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears"

How lovely!
I just introduced in all roles.

- How long have I been looking for you.
- 8 days.
- ... How long have I been looking for you.
and from this I just rips the soul apart.
after I became an adult))))
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Posted 24/09/2014 16:03:09

Re: A little-known of "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears"

Yes, light film ...
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