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[News] Autumnal Equinox Day


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September 23, 2014 at 06 pm on 29 minutes Moscow time the sun again crosses the celestial equator, and moved from the northern hemisphere of the sky in the south.

Autumnal Equinox Day - the day when the length of day and night on Earth is the same and is equal to 12 hours. In the northern hemisphere from that day begins astronomical autumn, in the south - astronomical spring.

Start of astronomical calendar and the seasons are not the same, so the astronomical autumn occurs at different times.
Astronomers have calculated that from 2012 to 2044 in leap years the autumnal equinox will fall on September 22 and in normal years - at 23 September.
An interesting fact is that the autumn and winter in the northern hemisphere for a week shorter than the autumn-winter season in the southern hemisphere: the number of days from the vernal equinox to fall well 186, and the time from the fall to the spring equinox - 179 days. In the winter of the northern hemisphere the Earth moves around the celestial body faster than the southern hemisphere winter. In January the globe passes closest to the Sun point of the orbit - perihelion and its linear velocity increases.
In Russia, the autumnal equinox is also considered a holiday and always celebrated pies with cabbage, cranberries and meat, as well as folk festivals. That evening, between the window frames were inserted rowan brush with leaves, believing that from this day, when the sun begins to weaken, mountain ash will protect the house from the forces of darkness. The people believed that branch of the rowan torn on this day saves from insomnia and nocturnal choking, which sends evil spirits.
On the day of the autumnal equinox begins the second half of the Indian summer and, according to popular belief, what the weather will be on that day, so it will fall. Another folk omens say than September drier and warmer, the better it will fall, so will come later this winter.

Pagan celebration of the Autumnal Equinox Day

Since the autumn equinox the sun power decreases with each passing day until the winter solstice, after which it will begin to rise again, bringing the new agricultural season. In the meantime, after a temporary equilibrium, the time the power of darkness. The land is prepared for winter: migratory birds gather in flocks and autumn leaf fall begins. Autumn Equinox for our ancestors was the time of the ascension of thanks to the gods for the harvest and prosperity, as well as honoring the dead and decoration of graves. In late September, we went into the woods for mushrooms and medicinal plants, making wine from ripe apples and grapes (in southern Europe), and marks the end of the harvest thanksgiving feast.

In philosophical terms - it is time to summarize, the ascension of thanks for what we have, and the completion of annual cases.

Mabon - Celtic celebration of the autumnal equinox

At the autumnal equinox the ancient Celts celebrated Mabon (Mabon) - Festival of the second harvest and ripening apples. Mabon traditions from pagan times alive in many European countries, where in late September, traditionally held harvest festivals. Often the harvest festival (Day of gratitude for the harvest) is carried out on Sunday for the full moon closest to the day of the autumnal equinox. This full moon is called the Harvest Moon. Usually, the harvest festival is held in late September, but sometimes it gets to the beginning of October. On this day, the parishioners of the church is decorated with baskets of fruit and vegetables of their gardens, with farm products and fresh flowers. After the service, the food handed out to those in need. Be sure to make charitable collections for the local community.

Among the farmers was known tradition of holding a special dinner to which were invited all those who worked on the farm during the year to a farmer could express my gratitude to my assistants. Sometimes we called the dining dinner last sheaf: the harvest is over and the feast begins. Farmers competed among themselves who will gather the harvest fastest.

In the Middle Ages the Roman Church has replaced the ancient festivals of September thanks to Michael's Day (day of the Archangel Michael, 29 September), the celebration of which has inherited many of the traditions of ancient festivals of the autumnal equinox.

Veresen, oseniny - ancient Slavic holidays September

In early September, the Eastern Slavs celebrated Oseniny (saluting Ovsenev) - the beginning of autumn and the holiday of thanksgiving for the harvest of the earth. Ovsenev in Slavic mythology was the god responsible for the change of seasons. By early September, it completed the harvest in the fields, but still continued horticultural work. After Osenin began collecting hops.

The sun in the representation of the ancient Slavs (and other pagans) took place during the year different incarnation associated with the seasons. In September, the sun of the "adult" (from the summer solstice to the autumnal equinox) state into "an old man", which lasted from the autumnal equinox to the winter solstice (see. Christmas).

On the day of the autumnal equinox Slavs advancing the seventh month of the year dedicated to the god Veles, which is called Veresen (Tausen, Radogosch). This a great holiday the ancient Slavs celebrated for two weeks - a week before and a week after the day of the autumnal equinox. Honey drink Surya insisted that only hops collected and treated her during festive meals.

Once the autumnal equinox the ancient inhabitants of Russia accompanied the goddess Live in Svarga (the heavenly realm), thanks to her given crop. Svarga closed on a cold and dark winter. Opening Svarga celebrated the last day of the holiday week at Komoeditsu (Shrove Tuesday), which dropped out of the ancient inhabitants of Russia on the vernal equinox - March 21st.

In the days of Christianity a large ancient Slavic holiday Velesen church replaced on the Nativity of the Theotokos (ROC celebrated 21 September).

On this day, you need to make sure:

1. walk barefoot, saturating the earth energy

2. Organize a small family meal, good to bake pies with cabbage, meat can be with cranberries

3. For family table all join hands and make a wish

4. On this day, take everything with gratitude, make someone a gift or give anything just

5. Thrice recalculate all the money in the house, do not think about the debt and spending. Thank the world for what you have and you will certainly come more.

The rituals of the day of the autumnal equinox

- The ritual of gratitude.

Take a candle and a thin string made of natural fibers (wool, cotton, silk) of any color.

Think about what you bring this year? How is it you enriched?

Light the candle and remembering a good event, try speaking it, thanks to higher powers and tie the knot.

If the candle burn out, and the event is not over, light up the second and the last.

This rope is your gratitude to the world, save it and when you want to thank the universe, a new tie knot!

- Letting go of loss and regret.

Collect fall leaves, stand near the water or the wind.

On each sheet of talking about what you regret and release sheet by water or by wind with the words. "Let my loss and regret (fears, doubts) will carry the water of life I say goodbye to this event with joy and not of sadness Nothing! forever, let go all the hardships, I let them away! "

- To attract the groom

For those who are of marriageable age, it is time to ask the hostess abundant autumn groom.

Dress long skirt, and any red item of clothing.

Write your wish on a piece of paper. Put a piece of paper under the rowan tree (you can dig in, you can simply press the branch).

Take home with wood bunch of rowan berries. At night, rowan branch put under the pillow.

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