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[My trip] Rental car Sicily by Car in Italy


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по убыванию Published 5.9.2014 10:00:44 | descending
I have no time to read very bad reviews about this business. I decided to post here the last thing that came to warn future travelers.

Our story began in April 2014. We took a rental car company in Sicily by Car. Book in advance via the website
The car was taken without insurance because I was coming just one move from Milan to Treviso (1 day rental). Standing for a small queue at the airport, we got booked Citroen C4 and a car seat for 25 EUR. When we obsmatrivali car for scratches and asked to point out some of the less prominent, representative of the company assured us that they do not need to celebrate, because no one pays attention to such trifles. We have noted only the most notable.
Donating a car in Treviso in the early morning, just put the keys in the box, because no one has yet worked (6:00 am). We went carefully, in most cases, on the highway, parked on a normal parking, so the belief that claims to us was not 100%.
Passed, came home, and after 4 days we rented a 643 EUR. Shock, writing in customer service, phone calls, and, as it turned out, we passed a car with a bunch of scratches, what with us and took off this amount for repairs. The fact that we were in shock, it's nothing to say, because of new damage was not! After 20 days after removal of the sum "for the repair of" a letter came in the mail with a detailed account and photographs of scratches. All these scratches were before us: those who assured us that it is not necessary to specify, and those big, that we did indicated (turns out, scratch disks also need to mark what we had never done). So, we took off with 643 EUR per strangers damage. At the same time, no one responded to our letters in support, and if we did not call and did not know what and why. After reading the mountain forums, we concluded that the money was not returned, and it is not the first time in the practice of the company.

But the hand did not let go. And this is the main point.

First, go to the bank and explained what was happening, we opened a case for a refund.
Secondly, the letter amounted to an arbitrary form in the English-style "look carefully, some cracks have, nevertheless, marked" and that "we will complain." The letter enclosed a photocopy of a sheet of scratches, and the contract (!) Half-filled form of action to the European Court. All these documents have remained and, if necessary - write to the PM, they all went. A lawsuit filled in where they could, but in the letter stated that for a start, it is our intention, and if you do not return the money - to sue. All made in two copies and sent one to the address of Sicily by Car, the other to the address of the contractor, who sent us a letter with a detailed account.
And they themselves peacefully wait with a feeling that did what we could.

Six months from the date of opening the case we pleased with the bank. They said that the rightness on our side (the company pulls and can not provide the documents that all the damage was done by us) and refund the probability is almost 100%.
And at the end of July last, and customer service of Siclily by Car awake. Received e-mail with an apology and the fact that they are really mistaken and that the money they are going to return. However, on the windshield if the stone chip, for which they will leave themselves 160 EUR (allegedly with chipped glass, they do not hand over the car rental), while the remaining amount is returned. It's better than nothing, but it was a little zagvozdochka: the money they wanted to return to direct bank transfer to an account in EUR. After a brief correspondence with customer service and after consultation with the bank, it turned out that such a transfer in euros may lead to disputes with tax. And it was necessary to open the account in euros. As the bank assured us that a decision is about to be the case (from the date of submission of the application to the bank it's been 3 months), we decided to wait for the decision of the bank. We took to return the full amount, not so easy to give up.

So, in August, we returned at the expense of the native 643 EUR. The Bank won the case !! For a while we waited to write this post, so that the company does not take back the money (there is a period of 30 days when the company can apply for a refund apelyatsiyu, but are engaged in the unit).

And now the most important - conclusions.

1. Do not be discouraged! If you stole the money, do your best to get them back.
2. Take, if possible, full insurance.
3. We went to the car - it otfotografiruyte every scratch, every vmyatinku (in the case of full insurance, of course, in most cases, this just do not need, but we do common photo).
4. Cheaper to take the machine in the local box office, even a car seat there will cost 3 EUR \ day, instead of 25.
5. If you do not have full insurance, hand over the car at a time when some of us it may personally inspect and verify that everything is in order.

All the good way!

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Posted 09/05/2014 22:55:59

Re: Rental car Sicily by Car in Italy

Last year we took the car in Sardinia in the company - everything was ok, the car passed without problems, neither to us nor we them had no complaints.
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