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[Concerning the Spiritual] Metaphysical Laws


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These six basic metaphysical laws will help you to realize your natural potential and to live in harmony with the surrounding world.

At the same time - this is a test, answer yourself honestly to the question of whether or not you comply with these basic laws of prosperity and happiness.

1) Metaphysical Law of Human Radiation states that every person is a powerful source of energy that emits karma thoughts and feelings, emotions, or "vibration" if you want. From a philosophical point of view, we are both alive magnets and sources of human energy Yin and Yang in the eastern understanding.

This law teaches us that, emitting a unique energy that we attract into our lives the people and circumstances that match our own thoughts well. You attract to yourself that kind of energy, which you yourself radiate, be it positive or negative. People with a similar outlook attracted to each other.

Chances are your close friends think the same as you. They become your close friends according to the metaphysical law of human radiation. This confirms the old saying, "birds of a feather." Others immediately recognize good people because of the aura that they create. They are easy to make friends. People instinctively trust them. This is according to the metaphysical law of Human Attraction. Those with little or no friends at all, are also subject to this law. Anyway, the true nature of people comes to the surface, and the other instinctively understand who they really are.

YOU - WHAT you eat and you become what you think for many years you have heard that you are what you eat. This is true, but do you know what you get in what you think of all the time? This is also true. There is another principle that controls your life: what you radiate, what you get. In other words, a person draws what he always thinks in his life. Show me someone who passionately obsessed with the idea of ​​faith, or who lives, breathes, and eats a certain idea, and I'll show you a man in my life that these biases become reality. Having armed with this metaphysical law of attraction, you obviously want to be very confident and optimistic for the future, and so, you will attract the relevant events in your life. This is - a lot more than just "positive thinking, although of course there is nothing wrong with positive thinking.

Visualize your success - is a process that changes our lives, creating images in our minds, which ultimately become reality. Initially, these images are just a hunch, but they quickly become the expectation, and, finally, the inner faith. Over time, you already "know" that it will become a reality in your life. So how do you create your life every day, you also create your future.

2. Metaphysical Law of Self-Determination - recognition of the role of personal responsibility. That you define your destiny and nothing and no one else. That self that you feel in yourself gives you the strength to overcome all the obstacles that you encounter in life. You must take personal responsibility for all actions and outcomes in your life. You must be strong and determined. Thanks to self-determination you will always reach the goal.

3. The metaphysical law of continuous growth shows that you can not succeed in life if you stop growing mentally. Personal self-improvement and professional growth should be the object of your infinite searches. In order to have continued success and prosperity, you should always learn and strive for improvement.

Metaphysical law of continuous growth - a way of life for a truly successful people. Remember, when you stop growing, you are ripe. And when you are ripe, you start to rot. If you do not read and learn something new on a regular basis, your brain dies. To earn more, you need to learn more.

4. Metaphysical Law Samonastroya basically means that you are most happy and feel only the best of themselves and their work, that you - samonastroeny in your professional and personal life. From a professional point of view, you should be able to express your creativity and individuality, or you will become miserable robot.

If you feel that you manage, or other circumstances beyond your control, you will feel miserable. People want to feel that they samonastroeny at work, even though in reality it is not. This law was discovered decades ago, during the period when the factory dominated the American economy. Employees treated as machines and there was not a unified force capable of changing their activities. Unfortunately, it is still common today in the meat-processing plants, conveyors and other workplaces low. Factory worker, who works on the assembly line, there is little control over their work and generally feeling frustrated and short-tempered. The secretary, who day by day immersed in the routine text files and senseless securities generally feel depressed and dehumanized. The positive side of this law has recently been re-opened by companies such as Saturn, who say their employees can now stop "koveyer" by pulling the emergency brake when they see that something is wrong. For them it is "a big deal". In your personal life it is also important to feel samonastroennym.
Teenagers do not like to be under the strict supervision of their parents. Women do not like to be under the authority of their husbands and vice versa. Everyone wants to be in control of their own lives. The question you must ask yourself: "Who is in control of my life?" To be happy in life, the answer should be "you're".

5. The most successful people live metaphysical law the right choice. They recognize that for every day you can make literally hundreds of choices on the kind of small, but ultimately very important, and every choice carries its consequences. They recognize that there is a cause and effect in all that they do. Everything in your life has been determined by this election, you have made in the past! Successful people make a careful, thoughtful choices, because they know that the events, which they define and create their future.

They have a tendency to be hyperactive people who plan everything in advance and tend to a particular purpose. They work daily on the logical principle of cause and effect. Thinking people recognize that they cause the events in their lives and are responsible for their results. They work hard and expect positive results. Conversely, unsuccessful people do not make conscious choices. They believe that everything that happens to them accidentally, and that they have no control over their destinies, when in fact they create their own future on a daily basis by the choices that they make.

Losers see themselves as victims. They do not have any long-term, or even, no short-term goals. They hope for the best, but do not make absolutely no effort to make the best happen. The concepts of right choices, and cause and effect is alien to their way of thinking.

6. Metaphysical Law of strong convictions and positive expectations says that no matter what you believe with absolute conviction and confidently expect accomplishment of this, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and become a reality in your life. Two powerful part of the law - that belief and expectation. It's really similar concepts, Pott, if you believe in something with absolute conviction, you also expect that this will happen. This confirms that the powerful force of your desire dystvuet.

If you constantly will be convinced in your inevitable success in life, you instinctively take appropriate actions that cause expected results. What we expect to happen. Very successful people in life live according to this law. They anticipate and expect success, and they achieve it. These positive expectations have a powerful effect on our relationship and to the events in our lives, so that expectations really affect the result. Anxiety - a negative goal setting and negative expectations. It is a reflection, conversation and presentation of achievements which we do not want. This is - the exact opposite of the Metaphysical Law of strong convictions and positive expectations.

To be successful, become obedient to the Law of positive expectations and visualize success every day in everything that you do.

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