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[My trip] Russian view of the Kazakhs in Italy and Germany


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по убыванию Published 17.7.2014 13:23:32 | descending
amused :-) :-)
Kazakhs came across to me very polite, something I do not remember rude Kazakh. Maybe this is not such a common European politeness with multiple greetings and ritual smile that Russian a little short, but still Kazakhs generally polite and poterpimee all other Russian-speaking travelers caught up in my bus. More rarely vozbuhayut Russian Germans, but also those, perhaps more often than Kazakhs. Kazakhs vozbuhayut not at all ...
I think this is such a national peculiarity, maybe it's not quite polite, and more than just patience and restrained detachment from what is happening, almost indifference that allows them not to participate in the events of strong emotions. Still, it is possible, it is associated with an increased sense of superior, older ... I have noticed that the chiefs of the Kazakhs respect, as if they were delivered by God, even at the level of the fine, not to mention about the large - even those high priests. And I've got on the bus, none of the Kazakhs never Buzilov in principle, and even heads of Kazakh not buzili when come across (though major superiors with us does not go), they just understood that here, too, reigns hierarchy, but not them. That is, I mean that with the Kazakhs to travel easily.
In our excursions Kazakhs were almost always in small quantities, but regular, because certain number of Kazakhs called in to Germany once with the Russian-German emigration from Kazakhstan, which were sent to the Germans under Stalin. Their strongly increased in recent years - and Kazakhstan began to develop economically, but the people richer, and Germany began to conduct numerous training programs and exchanges with Kazakhstan at different levels. Germans something for nothing do nothing to anyone not found - if you aim at the emerging market, will peck to the finish: vtyuhivat money, train staff, educate, explain, show, what is good for both, of course, parties. So that will call any Kazakh delegation at the German company or the institution of such a program, but not all are science nibble and digest the experience, then they just throw up the prospectus of our company ... And so in my bus is 30 Kazakh educators in led by the boss. Well, of all people on the bus 50, and 30 of them are Kazakhs. I was upset, if with courtesy Kazakh is more or less clear, nobody got nasty, it's travelers are not very curious, which is also partly obstructed. They're coming for something their own, listen attentively, discover our standard volume because of this, simply do not stand up, going to the half of the church begin to get bored, yawn, strive to fall down to the shops; I somehow do not have anything against me, and the lack of interest does not hurt, but the independent movement of the group of Kazakh tourists to foreign countries - is a dangerous business, then catch them all over the city.
Well, yes and no attention to the excursions understandable .... In Russian older and middle generation still understands and speaks decent (but still not home), and young people understand, but much worse, more than in English. Yes, and a little alarmed the phrase "educators", it can be anything - from the coaches of children's sports schools to the ministry officials or ordinary teachers; teachers, by the way, is quite heavy contingent, and, in any quantity, from single copies, and if it came across a group - mascara lights, especially teachers with the experience, even if they are all Russian, and here and Kazakh. In short - I'm worried, you can expect anything.
I sit on the bus - they look at me 30 pairs of wary eyes Kazakh. In the group of completely dense stocky middle-aged aunt, for just one exception - dense as Kazakh molchel with his wife and tum beyond his years, but he was the son in law of one of these representative aunts. For teachers, even Kazakh, ie adjusted for the national characteristics, they have little resemblance. Almost did not listen, tired after only 15 minutes after the start of movement around the city, seeing the city bench on the way, they toppled onto her and waited, when I finish to sow reasonable, good and move on. At first, even photographed, like every respectable tourist near each post or the house is not similar to the Kazakh, but it quickly tired of doing - in Italy, all the houses are not similar to Kazakh, and in general no matter what, no memory in the soap dish is not enough, your finger will fall off the button press. So they just threw themselves on the bench, on the rocks and steps - wherever possible, and waited for a smooth culture ... They would be on the beach - splash a week with a single exit in the next, it is still a city for shopping and restaurants, and their drag here on a hot Italian cities, culture head off spikes.
They looked at me with sad eyes, then cried all gruppoy- you let us vashsbrod, at will, to shop and to eat already ...
Colleague - maintainer, who was responsible for the fact that no one is lost and wandered off, worried: what if they were released - without language, then catch ... But he still came out of the situation, in every city he took free maps (already knew the place, experienced), a red felt-tip pen to draw them all the control points, the distance between them is within walking distance and the place and time of collection - bold and traced; and I wrote the main question in Italian on the back side: "Where is the Colosseum?" Only then let go to float freely, and that from time to time jingling the senior group ...
Here it must be said that the people disciplined or rather, never falling out of the hierarchy, a group of Kazakh tourists go more often, led by boss rarely separated, which greatly facilitates the control of the problem ... or at least divided into two or three groups and then in the group appointed a senior - that, too, was also very convenient. And most importantly - happy my colleague Mark, a former military man, very tsenivshego order and organization. In this case, he took the phone numbers of all senior groups and the Kazakh delegation was serving in waddled independent navigation by Italian cities, breaking into groups already ...
I am tempted curiosity - what do they teach there is such in Kazakhstan? Not the slightest interest in the group kulturku not slipped once ... I tried to find out, but not directly, but through a compliment ... I do not remember what it was possible to make a compliment, but I thought of something .... Well, let's say - discipline and responsibility, and added: "Well, you teachers, it is clear ..." Kazakhs slyly zapereglyadyvalis and smiled, but said nothing ... I already asked bluntly: "I was told that there is a group of teachers from Kazakhstan or - employees education? I have something not said so? "
Aunts silent, slightly smiling and looking at the boss ... She smiled and said: "Nuuu, we have one, but it is - the school has worked - Azim - loudly called the boss - go tell our guide, you in school? It worked. "
Then she suggested that there is another - Malik. "Oh yeah, and Malik, I almost forgot ..." And for some reason, also called Malik. "Well, we do here in this area, yes, of education .... it right, from different places ... mostly on the economic part", - explained the boss.
Apparently, some supply managers or accountants, I thought. And he remembered how priyatel- German, just here to deal with such cultural exchanges with Kazakhstan in the field of youth organizations, said that the receiving party - the Germans were forced at some point strictly regulate how many in the delegation must be women, and how many real Pioneer leaders real teachers, not just some men-chiefs. I did not and question further, I wonder, but it does not matter; it is important that they are not confused by my Italian doorways, well, did not make a special trip for disharmony.
In the evening the Kazakh group almost entirely sit on the porch in front of the hotel - they drank, ate, laughed, all invited - very welcoming. I get tired of the day to communicate with travelers, but any attempt to slip past did not work, delayed, treated - it was awkward to refuse, drank a glass of wine. Communication friendly, open ...
One day, we cruise along the most beautiful places of the Ligurian coast - Cinque Terre - plastered houses, cliffs, steep coming down to the water, on the rocks of the vineyards, and the bottom of the cozy coves with small beaches - and it is also protected by UNESCO. We must obplyt all the beauty on the boat, and in one of the bays of land - sunbathing and swimming - the best program you can imagine. Unfortunately for the bad weather in the morning, it began buffeting, not so, that too strong, but unpleasant. Other passengers (and there were literally all tourist nationality) have reacted differently, someone was sick, someone did not notice it, but our Kazakhs this easy pitching completely dumped all. For a time, they were attached at the corners, in the shops, it was clear that children suffer disproportionately Unfortunately steppes; chto-to deeply natural to them to rebel, not maritime nation (at least from time to time come across kto-to of very educated Kazakhs and says that in fact the real Kazakhs all entirely tall, slender, blue-eyed blonds, and all other peoples descended from them) but then, when their boss has set an example and simply fell back on the bench - immediately fell on the benches and on the floor a whole Kazakh group, drawn by this example. Instantly on the boat was close: Kuzia or stupa - Kazaks are everywhere, people walking the foreign - crosses, stumbles, and Kazakh educational workers are not even an ear, lie with Buddha faces upward, eyes closed ...
Lunch we usually 4 hours in the afternoon, had not time to - go tour, then we go in the right inexpensive restaurant, I help choose and order all generally satisfied. Kazakhs never doterplivali up to 4 hours, dumped much earlier. Themselves somewhere to sit there, then complained about the high cost, and nevkusnotu ... And then one day, tired of hearing about what they have in the Alma-Ata (now, it turns out, it is necessary so to say in Russian - in the genitive ) pasta which makaronistey - beshbarmak called, I said I'll show you a good restaurant in the evening, in the Tuscan village where we spend the evening after their trips and spend the night there - Montekattini terme. Restaurant that I have advised local residents, I myself go there on a regular basis, and I know the owner, and his wife, and many waitresses. Hiking is also often send, usually all praise and inexpensive ... Upon arrival in the evening I handed boss map, he pointed out the direction and do their business ... Out of the corner of his eye that for a farewell dinner was going to go all the Kazakh team.
In the morning departure for the return journey through Venice, I went to the bus - an unbearable din. Kazakh group laughs, can not stop ... When asked to explain what was going on - look at each other, and are silent. Turn around to the boss, but do not meet - Kazakh subordination ... headmistress laughs loudest. Finally, I was into the microphone: Well, you, my friends, or tell us all laugh, or be lulled too, do not interfere, our event is called a tour, by the way ... A very curious to understand, that the train had brought to the Kazakhs, almost hysterical .
Telling herself took the boss, no one would have dared without her because she was the protagonist of the story. Armed with a map, Kazakh educational body went to the restaurant - the boss, as always in front, just without a flag ... Came restaurant glass - very comfortable - in hot weather all the windows wide open and the windows have to the floor - the illusion of absolutely open space, rolling from the table to the bushes and trees, the park .... there palms, olives - beauty ... promotes digestion and elegiac state of mind. The door of the restaurant too, but it does not immediately see, it's a bit on the inside, and it differs from the windows is just the lack of transoms, shutters ...
Kazakhs have stopped looking in amazement - so many doors and all some uncomfortable, something which pots with flowers and nut stand at the tables with the visitors it was too close to some of the doors are moved up .... As a little inconvenient to go, but - a little Do that here you are not the birthplace, orders, though ancient, but unreasonable - won, as the guide told about ancient Rome, which just was not there, even gladiatorial combat, pure savagery ... a kitchen ... is to compare with the Kazakh, that whatever this guide told about the fact that the food is good, too, and is protected by international organizations - UNESCO as a world heritage ... a pasta soup instead of eating in the first - there is a need to think of this, and coffee drinking thimbles - why and then drink ... What a difference we - Stop bucket koumiss ... Yes, and the people too small, there is no scope of our steppe ...
Kazakhs faced restaurant, guided on the map, but in general, looking at the map of boss ... I did not draw the door, and before there was me ...
Here boss, accustomed to taking strong-willed commander's decisions, confidently moved to the nearest window, where there was the least of flowers at the nut and the table with the closest visitors defended from the window at least a meter and a half ..... Kazakh group moved next ....
- I see - naively thought of the boss - that when at near approached this dined a couple of Italians that the window sat hatched at us in horror and began to open their mouths and something we talking about and hands waved, but we really Well aware ...
Really - what you might think, if you close the window of the restaurant, near where you sit - sullen moved (because they were concerned about this Italian mystery) crowd dense Asian aunts, and everybody is looking at you, and what they want - is not clear. In addition, because not all Europeans have heard about the existence of the Kazakhs. It is easiest to think that this is a demonstration of Japanese-Chinese women, who had come to settle the score, for example, with the owner of the restaurant or its visitors ...
- I'm still the last question was - continued to boss - when come close ... it was too tall potted plants were at the nut, the legs had to lift up high, stepping ... Painfully awkward door ...

But if you are born boss, and even Kazakh, then at some point you have to stop doubting and to act decisively, albeit incorrectly. The authority is a delicate matter ... Otherwise, for you people do not go ... And the boss does this decisive step through the flowers in pots - and the people are behind it ... Kazakh people trust his leadership ....

The closest to the window, the Italian couple, which seems to have been a romantic dinner, jumped up with a cry, dropping glasses in pasta, and pulled back to the exit ... The rest blizsidyaschie eaters also jumped in horror and zagaldeli .... Through the window in the restaurant, sweeping flower pots and extra chairs, leaked Kazakh group of 30, approximately dense aunts ...
Among the visitors started this panic ...
The headmistress: "I do it, and in Russian, and already in Kazakh I say - sit, sit, calm, all is well, we now enter and rassyademsya, everything will be fine, do not get up, continue to have to eat, how to eat .. .. But they understand that unless there ... then I remembered the fright even one English word from various films, even a few words: "Good-bye," I say to them ... "Go home, they say, and good-bye" .. . I then, almost immediately realized that I probably something not thought of, because after these words of mine, those who remained sitting still - all jumped up and made his way to the exit "
A Kazakh people all arriving, departing from the window, and accumulate in the center of the restaurant, where the already narrow, making it difficult to escape the faint-hearted Italian customers ...
Most of the Kazakh educators have already understood that something did not, and a real door here somewhere still there (but not in the ceiling as it is, damn!), But what to do next, then? Solidarity with the boss in error, did not allow them either to disperse or retreat. They surrounded her tight ring - back to back - three hundred Spartans defending his Leonid, and prepared to die under the Persians arrows, but do not back down ...
But then on the happiness in the restaurant turned out to be one of the Russian (we are now plentiful in Italy and without excursions) and Russian language realized that people somehow we (Kazakhs among themselves spoke often in Russian, or to cross between Russian and Kazakh) - and came to their aid. I got up to meet popped in terror owner of the restaurant and in English explained what was going on ...
Well here the situation is resolved by peaceful means .... The owner did not especially angry - because so many customers at once to fill up in the restaurant, though the window ... He laughed, he built the Kazakh delegation to the two long tables, summoned from a Russian waitress and fed all to dump ...
On the kitchen boss puts it this way: they do not remember really stress you ate, but no one was poisoned and diarrhea was not there. Помнят, что вино понравилось, его они выпили довольно много, запивая переживания... потом, на обратном пути даже запели по-казахски и по-русски...
Чуть позже я услышал эту историю уже в изложении самого хозяина ресторана: "Прибегает испуганная официантка Аньезе, глаза широкие, губы дрожат, указывает рукой на зал.... Джузеппе, Джузеппе, там толпа китайцев ворвалась в ресторан через окно, все крушит, клиенты разбегаются.... И китайцы какие-то чокнутые — говорят все по-русски.... Когда я прибежал в зал, они уже стояли плотно спина к спине в самом центре, испуганные больше других посетителей.... Спасибо тебе за клиентов, кстати, с меня сегодня вино и макароны..

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Опубликовано 17.7.2014 13:52:36

Re: Русский взгляд на казахов в Италии и Германии

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Re: Русский взгляд на казахов в Италии и Германии

интересно выходили они через дверь или так же дружненько повторили... плохо все-таки без языка путешествовать.... зато будет что вспомнить!
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Опубликовано 17.7.2014 15:31:35

Re: Русский взгляд на казахов в Италии и Германии

Дааа, казахи непривычны итальянскому глазу. И это слава богу что они к кому нибудь домой не забрели группой пообедать. Здесь ведь давольно часто в небольших городках люди при открытых дверях обедают. И если компания больше 4, вполне можно принять за уютный домашний ресторанчик. Я думаю в этом бы случае потери были бы несоизмеримы - люди, говорящие на русском, немного смахивающие на китайцев влезают к тебе в дом пообедать .. А вообще я согласна, казахи народ веселый и организованный, порой даже слишком
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