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[Cooking] Baking without the addition of eggs

Cologna Veneta

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по убыванию Published 4.4.2014 19:19:48 | descending
Without egg bun crumbled and air biscuits are rubber? It turns out, you can bake without eggs so that the cakes taste will not differ from those doing the grandmother!

To successfully replace eggs in baking, you need to understand why they are needed. Viscous yolk protein structure and binds the components increases dough elasticity, making the texture more smooth, and the dough is filled with whipped whites oxygen. Similar properties are some of the products have been used successfully as substitutes.

To link the components

Flaxseed - almost a full substitute because it contains large amounts of omega-3. To replace one egg will need 1 tbsp. l. flax seeds, milled in a coffee grinder, and 3 tbsp. l. water. The ingredients you need to mix, and after a couple of minutes, the mixture will be "glued" to use. Replacement of flax seed will give baked nutty flavor. Starch: 1 tbsp. l. maize or potato starch with water to replace one egg.

For pomp

Soda and vinegar are needed for light and fluffy pastry, that is for cakes and muffins. The chemical reaction between these components will help to make the dough by air, and the taste of vinegar will not be felt. To replace one egg, you will need 1 tbsp. l. vinegar and 1 tbsp. l. soda.

For the density

Tofu can be used in recipes that require a large number of eggs, - eg for cheesecake or casseroles. Tofu is much denser than other alternatives, and quickly absorbs other flavors, which allows it to be inconspicuous in baking. Tofu does not make the texture of the dough lush. To replace one egg will need a quarter of a cup of tofu, well whipped in a blender until smooth.

To replace the egg protein

Agar-agar (vegan gelatin), shaken with water in the ratio of one to one. Creamed mixture to cool and then whisk again just before adding to the batter.

On a note

Of course, the eggs can be replaced everywhere. Meringue, meringue macaroon - these delicious sweets egg whites are the main ingredient, so replace them without affecting the taste is almost impossible. But in recipes, which adds only a few eggs, it can be done without problems.

vegan cheesecake

For the base:

1 cup nuts (walnuts, brazil, pecans)
8 dates
1 h. L. ground cinnamon
1 cup coconut

Soak the dates for a few minutes. Nuts, coconut and cinnamon in a blender Peremel. Dates air dry, remove seeds and chop with walnut mixture. Spread sweet weight on the bottom of the form so that it turned into a single layer with borders.

For the dough:

1 cup soaked cashew nuts
150 grams of tofu
150 g soft cream cheese
150 g sour cream
3-4 tablespoons. l. dark liquid honey
1 tbsp. l. lemon juice
1 tbsp. l. vanilla extract or vanilla

All the ingredients in a blender grind. The resulting puree to pour the pie crust. Bake 20 min. at 180 °, then another 20 min. at 120 °. Place in the refrigerator overnight, covered with foil.

You can replace the soft cheese and sour cream vegan foods, eliminate or increase the amount of cashews and tofu.

Muffins with blueberries

2 cups of flour
2.1 h. L. soda
2.1 h. L. salt
2 lemon for zest
3/4 cup sugar
1 cup milk (can be soy or rice)
2 tbsp. l. vegetable oil
1 tbsp. l. apple cider or white vinegar
1/2 cup blueberries or any other fruit (fresh or frozen)

Mix the flour, baking soda, salt, and lemon zest. In a separate bowl whisk together the sugar, milk, butter and vinegar. Mix the contents of both bowls and lightly whisk. Add the berries and mix again. Fill muffin tins 2/3. Bake at 180 ° for about 20 minutes. Willingness to check toothpick.
And bananas, two eggs = one banana.

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Posted 04/04/2014 19:57:18

Re: Baking without the addition of eggs

As for such use flax not know, thank you I've been using for a bunch and chia seeds (Spanish sage)
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Posted 04/05/2014 15:54:59

Re: Baking without the addition of eggs

Thanks for the tip Anastasia Just help, I just wanted to look for, what to replace eggs to bind the ingredients, and you are right there
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