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[News] "Intesa" will take care of Russian tourists in Italy


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по убыванию Published 7.3.2014 22:09:06 | descending
March 6, 2014 at the Italian Embassy in Moscow hosted a presentation of the tourist card bank "Intesa» - Travel Card. The card was designed specifically to Russia, Italy, tourism. The presentation of this product was attended by the Italian Ambassador to Russia Cesare Maria Ragalini, chairman of the board of directors of the bank "Intesa" Antonio Fallico and director of retail business of the bank "Intesa" Bogdan Chekomasov.
Travel Card offer includes everyone the opportunity to obtain a bank debit card, lack of Travel Card category Visa Classic. Co-branded card - with a program to earn miles Travel Miles, implemented in partnership with the website booking - With accumulated miles on the Travel Miles program on site. miles, as well as conventional money, tickets can be paid for more than 380 airlines and services to more than 200 thousand. hotels, car rental, tickets to the Aeroexpress train and some other options.
The package also includes a tourist SIM-card.
Map Travel Card «Intesa" bank is available in two currencies - rubles and euro - and allows three times during its period of validity withdraw cash without commission in ATMs of any bank around the world and an unlimited number of times - in the ATMs of the bank "Intesa". Card Account is a savings - on the balance of funds are awarded interest on the deposit "on demand". Map Travel Card is a discount in a number of bank partners in Italy. It allows you to buy tickets at reduced prices in Italy Museums - Gallerie d'Italia, Museo Teatrale Alla Scala in Milan, Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano in Naples and others, provides a 10% discount on products in bookstores and museums gives discounts at major international companies .

Tourist SIM-card "GOODLINE" with a starting balance of $ 5 allows you to make and receive calls coming in at a reduced fare travel.
For information about all card transactions customers can take advantage of additional services: SMS-awareness and access to the system "electronic bank my.bancaintesa». Also specifically for Travel Card holders are benefits for other products of the bank, in particular, free annual maintenance credit card Visa Classic and a special reduced rate on consumer loans. For cards Travel Card must apply with a passport in any branch of the bank, the card is issued for a few minutes immediately after filling in the necessary documents.
Italy and Russia have declared the years 2013-2014 the cross-year tourism between the two countries. This year is intended to contribute to the growth of mutual tourist flow. The main objective of the year of tourism in Italy, Russia - to acquaint Russians with little-known Italy, with its small towns, which often do not reach the routes are organized groups. The project is scheduled program of popularization of tourist and cultural thematic routes, as well as a special visa program. According to the bank's product presentation Cesare Maria Ragalini, Russia - a very important market for Italy, and Italy is very closely related to tourism from Russia. Therefore, the new card bank "Intesa" combines the opportunities for those wishing to visit Italy, because now you can get a visa in the center of Italy in Moscow, as through a branch of the bank "Intesa" in the visa center in Moscow paid the visa fee. Soon, the card will be issued in addition to the bank's branches in Italy, visa centers throughout the country. Now Russia is open 21 visa center, visa center in Vladivostok and will soon be opened.
Bogdan Chekomasov confirmed that already issued about 50 cards in Italy visa center in Moscow. As he explained Bankir.Ru card is the lack of will, that is, to give an instant, at the moment of the client application for the service. According to the experience of the bank in the center of it it was clear that during the time that the person has time to hand over documents for the visa and become interested in the bank's card products, the Bank does not have time to release a normal sample card. Therefore, the card has the first year it will lack, and then everyone in the next year may already be in place to reissue cards to all the usual lack Classic card. Annual service of the card in the first year - 1 thousand rubles, in the future -. 750 rubles. Perhaps in the future there will be, and credit card Travel Card.
Director of the tour operator "Tris-T" Svetlana Bashkirtseva asked a question from the audience about whether tourists a visa to Italy through a tour operator can not receive the same card in the tour office at a time when the tourist takes a package of documents with the visa ready. On this Bohdan Chekomasov he said that the banking law does not allow the bank to issue the card to the customer without personal contact, that is, the bank employee must ensure that "the human person is the same with his passport." But he promised to think that a bank can do in the matter for the operators, through which a large flow of our citizens goes to Italy.
"The company produces iGlobe co-branded cards with more than 10 banks, and the bank" Intesa "will have to compete here with a very worthy players," - said vice-president of SMP Bank Elena domestics. In principle, the development of co-branded cards, related to travel - it is quite promising direction, especially given the fact that all the banks are now seeking to increase the size of their commission income, she said. But it is necessary to consider that for travel, including car and hotel reservations is better to use a credit card, because the blocking on the map of their own funds is not for the client no economic sense, adds domestics.
A customer who chooses a co-branded card, should understand why it is generally necessary to him, the director of the Department of the card business and remote service bank "UniCredit" Alexander Vishnyakov. "If you are part of the summer the company" Aeroflot ", then you should choose kobrend with this carrier. Universal card gives the customer more flexibility, but it should be understood that to realize the accumulated using this card miles is often difficult - for example, more difficult to buy a ticket for your trip, suiting you in every way, for example, departure time or the number of transplants, "- says Alexander Vishnyakov.
Significant competitive advantage of this card - discounts in Italian museums, because this country is loved by Russian tourists, says Elena domestics.
"With this card, you will no longer feel lonely in our country", - said Cesare Maria Ragalini.
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