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Rules and help

Help about this site.

1. To start you need to communicate online account . To read only the theme registration is not necessary!

2. In order to start communicating in the community need to join the group. To do this, you need to go to a group and click on the Join Now button:

3. To write a message in the generated topics need to go to the chosen topic, scroll to the bottom of the page and write a message in the appropriate form.

4. To access the user in the forum thread you must write @ nik_polzovatelya, ie @ symbol and nickname (one word, no spaces or dop.znakov).

5. To attach a photo to the message you must click on the "Advanced Mode" in the form of a quick response:

In expanded form, select this icon:

This opens a new window. Click on the "Open" button and select from your computer the photo you want to upload. You can select multiple photos from one folder to hold this ctrl and the mouse to select multiple photos. After that photos are downloaded. To insert a picture in a forum topic by clicking on the downloaded photos. Click on each photo, if you want to insert it.

6. To insert a video from YouTube, please do the following. Copy video link. Let's say it looks like from it, we need only this part - DUizrtVftmI

Go to Advanced mode (shown in step 5). Select this icon here:

In the window that pops up at the touch of this icon paste the same code, which we have prepared in the beginning. All. In the form of messages inserted here this construction: [youtube] DUizrtVftmI [/ youtube] - and send a message, we will see videos from YouTube.

7. To write a personal message you are interested in a site member, please click on the following icon which is displayed under the user's profile:

8. If you want to change your nickname, do the following. Firstly it is necessary to go on this link and click "Buy" (spend your virtual money site, it's not real money, do not worry :)) After purchase you are redirected to this page . There will need to click on the link to "use". And enter your new nickname. All.

Site rules.

  1. Encouraged friendly behavior on the forum. Aggressive is not welcome and is punishable by restriction of access to the Site (in whole or in part, temporarily or permanently - each time in different ways, depending on the degree of violation).
  2. Post Actions are not discussed. If there are points of contention - to seek clarification from the site administrator .
  3. Welcomed literate speech. Not welcome CAPS LOCK (when all capital letters is considered shouting in the internet), writing without punctuation (commas, periods, hyphens, etc.), proposals begin with a capital letter and end point. Do not welcomed excessive use emoticons as graphics and braces ")))))".
  4. Posts advertising, with contact information are only possible with the consent of the site administrator. Inconsistent advertising will be deleted and the user be blocked. Older members of the site for advertising may be banned for 7 days.
  5. If you have a positive or negative experience or a comment about the services - is necessary to specify the real facts and not emotions "bad" or "good." If the facts are missing and will be only the emotional component revocation or opinion - the message can be regarded as advertising or unfair competition and removed. Want to tell us something - give evidence!
  6. General thoughts. The development of Internet project - it's a business. The development of the site invested money, time administrator. People and Countries - private life. If the administrator decides that your actions may hinder the development of the project - will be as follows: first a warning via private messages, then ban for some time, the third step will be to complete the restriction of access to the site. Use 6 point is rare, but can be used.
  7. The Forum - democracy. The administration always listens to its users.
  8. If you do not agree with the policy of the moderators and site administrator, you have 2 options: the first one - stop talk on the site, the second - continue to communicate and adhere to the rules. Sabotage rules do not respect the administration, moderators or site members, go to the person, swearing, trolling, conscious start-zabluzhenie readers (misinformation), discrimination on any ground - all of which can lead to blocking of your account on the site. Respect others - and get respect in return.
  9. All materials (forum posts, blogs, photos, articles, etc.) Established members of the site. Sign up and take part, anyone can. Responsibility takes only a user to post information. If you have incurred any loss site administration is not responsible for it. All the information that is being discussed in the pages of the site, we recommend re-examine and clarify the details of live, because information can become outdated and lose relevance.
  10. When copying materials as well as recycling (PEPA) information from our site to third-party sources (whether it's the Internet, newspapers, television, radio or any other), you must specify the source of information, namely, an active link to the website http: // peopleandcountries. com /
  11. All registered members of the site automatically agree to these rules and follow them.
  12. Communication takes place in Russian on Cyrillic.
  13. One person can not start more than one profile on the site. In violation of all the additional profiles are disabled.
  14. About links on the site. 1. Allowed to refer to another site in case of citing the text. This text should be decorated accordingly (using the option quotes, and the link is placed as a "source"). 2 allowed to post links to government sites, sites with high reputation (eg Wikipedia, the site of a large television or inform.agentstva). 3. It is forbidden to post links to unreliable sources (eg "yellow" editions), commercial companies websites. 4. It is forbidden to post that contains only a reference, without any comment. Such posts will be deleted, the authors warned, but when repeated violation - will be banned. It is better to summarize the contents of the link in their own words, to make your remarks, you give a link to a questionable website. 5. It is forbidden to post links to new users on the same site in their communications. Such actions will be regarded as spam and the user will be blocked.
  15. The management reserves the right to remove or edit messages, photos, block the user without explanation.
  16. Rules may be supplemented and modified.

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